It’s easy to get a little down in the Winter months. Everything from the Winter blues to Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder, to Vitamin D deficiency can alter our mood this time of year.

Some of it can be managed through lifestyle changes that help boost endorphins and the release of serotonin.

These hormones help to improve mood and influence our happiness. Try these endorphin boosting ideas to get you through to the warmer months:

1) Break a sweat 3-4 times a week. 

Exercise is an important part of maintaining our health and has endless benefits one being our endorphins are released in a burst making us feel amazing post workout. If you want a simple yet effective at home practice try THIS.

2) Have sex.

Um hello, great way to connect with someone you love or yourself depending on your situation.

3) Play a game.

Getting a little competitive and having fun with those around this winter is a great distraction and definitely boots that pleasure hormone. I mean doing Facebook quizzes. I mean play scrabble, cards or another board game.

4) Laugh – out loud!

Go see a comedy show, watch a funny movie or share hilarious stories over coffee with a friend. Laughing has been scientifically proven to positively influence mood – so get out there and laugh.

5) Get outside.

Even 5-10 minutes outside in the colder months helps increase Vitamin D and the positive effects it has on our mood. Plus throwing around a few snowballs or hitting the slopes is a great way to also enjoy the season.

6) Get some down time.

Whether you travel to a warm climate (Sign me up for that!) or you have a stay-cation, having some down time allows you to prioritize fun back into your life even if it’s for a week or so. Resetting our stress levels and getting extra rest allows us to enjoy every moment more.

All are ways for you to open the endorphin flood gates, avoid the Winter blues and stay happy through these dreary winter months.

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