coach-jvb-14Some days I feel on top of the world, invincible and able to find my way through any journey. Some days I look at my husband and daughter and feel all the blessings literally making my heart explode with happiness and love. Some days I feel so strong that I can carry all the weight of my loved-ones concerns. Some days I can clearly see my visions coming into reality.

Those days are when I’ve stepped into who I am and I’m present to that woman.

She is: Strong, Vulnerable, Happy, Beautiful, Focused, Determined, Creative, Supportive, Empathetic, Purposeful, Loving, Self-Aware, Forgiving, Growing, Compassionate and so much more.

When she is me then I achieve more in life and love.

I move forward and embrace all life has to offer. I create more and believe anything is possible. I feel warm and excited about possibilities. I use adversity to propel myself towards achieving my goals and identifying new ones.

With all that said, I can still have a bad day. Or can I?

When you are identified as a leader, mentor and someone who people look up to are you really allowed to have a bad day? I believe you can and guess what I do. However, I’m cognizant that others are watching my reaction and as a result they may have their own.

When I have a bad day that’s when I remember who I am not along with who I will never be. I’m not someone who gives up easily. I’m not lazy or selfish. I’m not egotistical or aggressive. I’m not angry or resentful. I’ll never be someone who sits in self-pitty and wishes for life to be different while doing nothing about it.

So when I have a bad day – I may need an afternoon to reflect on how I feel and what drove that feeling for me. I might need a few hours to practice some kindness towards myself – can you say retail therapy or a hard hitting gym session maybe even a nap?! These things help me return to who I am.

Who are you?