Do you know how daunting a blank white page can be with a blinking black bar?

Starring at the blinking bar reminded me of the pit currently sitting like a 10 lbs weight at the bottom of my stomach.

You know what I mean don’t you?

Maybe for you it’s not a weight but it’s a twisted, creepy feeling that allows doubt and fear in where self-confidence once called home. Perhaps that feeling holds you back from everything that is exciting and different from how you live today. Maybe it even plants negative thoughts to keep you exactly where you are.

Today I am choosing to ignore that pit and do something in spite of it. Today I’m publishing my blog. I’m committing to writing regularly. It’s something I love to do but have reserved for an exclusive audience I felt comfortable with until today.

So here’s my promise to you – dear friend – I will always bring it. I will share with you my thoughts, feelings, triumphs and challenges on my journey to grow and help you along with yours.

All I ask from you is to give me feedback along the way.

We are in this together. What do you say?