‘I help women wear their confidence!’ Maya said. After losing their father to cancer, Maya and Yasmeen, decided to take a risk together and follow a wild dream they shared. They decided to follow their love of fashion and open up  a boutique clothing store called, Just Two Girls..., in the trendy Junction area of Toronto.

I was thrilled to sit down with Maya, co-owner of Just Two Girls… For over two hours we exchanged laughs, discussed fashion, body image, parenting, her love of fitness and her top tips for dressing for your body.

Often found with curlers in her hair, make up being applied for a shoot to capture the newest arrivals, Maya, with her warm smile invites you into the shop, like a big sister ready to share her favorite pieces from her very own closet.

Maya dresses the confident, classic, sexy woman who isn’t afraid of her curves. And if you are afraid of your curves, she’ll help you discover them, embrace them and find something you love all in just an hour or so!

When asked about the fashion industry, sizing charts and women’s emotions she shared this, “Manufacturers are making sizing charts to fit their needs. Each one different and each one modelling after a different body ideal. Women need to learn how to remove the emotional attachment they have to a size, a number, and focus on how they feel in their clothes.” She continued, “Sizes aren’t representative of your size, it’s just how it’s made.”

I couldn’t agree more and admire this real beauty for sharing her sizes, outfit styling options and measurements all in an effort to help women truly understand the fit of a particular piece.

Part of feeling confident in your clothes comes from taking care of your health and being active. Maya a long time lover of fitness studied with Hugo Low of Sparq Academy and boxing under Tony Wallace who now teaches at OTC – Optimum Training Centre.

“These two are my inspirations and helped me develop my love of fitness.” She continued, “They enlightened me,  grew my understanding of what my body could do, and pushed me beyond any mental limitations I had.” She says of Tony and Hugo.

 Maya pushing a SUV under the watchful eye of her then trainer Hugo. A proud fitness moment for this mom of 2.

Like everything in her life, Maya’s positivity is contagious even on the gym floor. While getting her workout in first thing in the AM, she also takes a moment to check in with fellow morning gym goer’s on their progress before heading to the boutique for the day.

“Every woman should know how to dress her body” says Maya,

Here are her top tips:

  1. Know what you like!
  2. Buy classics that you can dress up and down.
  3. No need to dress for a occassion, dress for yourself.
  4. Most importantly always be comfortable. Comfort brings out confidence and confidence is sexy. Always.

Most important to Maya is the image that Just Two Girls… represents to the public and her family. Her litmus test is always, “Am I ok if my 13-year-old daughter and her friends see this?”

Maya says, “Women need to protect their image. They have a responsibility to model for their daughters to love what they have, their bodies, so their daughters have a chance to love what they have too.”

As we wrapped I asked her what was in store for 2017 and she shared that contests and shopping parties were being introduced along with a few new additions to the lines being carried.

I highly encourage you to shop local or shop 24/7 online and feel the love that Just Two Girls…, Maya and Yasmeen are putting out there. A body positive, self-accepting, no guilt having shopping trip is definitely in store for you.