Where are all my Type A ‘s?

Today I’m talking directly to YOU! 

Yes you. Why? 

Because I’ve figured something out about myself and since I’m a major (like MAJOR) Type A I thought I’d take a few minutes and share it with you. 

Being a Type A has some great benefits. It’s associated with being a go-getter who is goal oriented, assertive and typically someone with high expectations to succeed. 

There’s a lot to be proud of here and many Type A’s I know are goal-smashing bad-asses who break the mould on what’s possible. Yeah for YOU my fellow Type A’s! 

But it’s HOW Type A’s get things done that can actually work against our health. Often we Type A’s are scheduled to the minute, multi-tasking, always on the run kind-of-people.

Do you know what that’s code for?

Simply put it means we are constantly under STRESS. 

Stress causes inflammation in the body. 

Inflammation causes almost every disease known to humankind including WEIGHT GAIN. 


I don’t want my methods to succeed to work against my goals. So I have found a simple solution. But fair warning to all Type A’s – this will be tough to tackle. But you like a challenge so maybe that’s just the trick to make it stick!

Here’s the secret: EMBRACE SLOW. 

Slowing down moves us from a state of stress to a state of relaxation. Our nervous system can calm down and allow hormones, brain function and digestion to regulate. 

Top 5 benefits to slowing down:

1) Eating slowly increases our ability to enjoy the foods we eat ultimately reducing likelihood of overeating. —> Check out top 10 fitness tips that have nothing to do with food.

2) Deep breathing throughout the day is one of my go-to strategies to reduce stress when my day runs me. Sometimes a stressful day can lead to binges. Not exactly the best path to my goals. —> For 29 more ways to manage emotional eating moments caused by stress download this! 

3) Quality sleep puts our body into the ultimately state of relaxation and repair. Our bodies are hard at work while we sleep so give yourself the proper 7-9 hours per night. We often like to burn the candle at both ends and in the end we burn out. Avoid this with consistent sleep schedule. 

4) Take some time off! Vacations do wonders for our metabolism, stress levels, relationships, mindset and so much more. Seeing the world, taking in new experiences and taking care of our desires can make us whole again and reduce stress. See why my hubby and I getaway alone every so often by reading THIS

5) Wasting our energy on drama and non-productive life events causes unnecessary psychological stress. I’ve rounded up 15 energy drainers you need to know about and DITCH in order to embrace slow. Check them out HERE

Embracing slow can be tough. But as you can see slowing down actually gives us Type A’s even more experiences and pleasures in life. No one wants to feel like their life is so laser-focused on goal crushing that it’s negatively impacting their health.  

So, embrace slow. I challenge you. 

Let stress melt away. 

Enjoy the life you’re building. 

Live in the moments you’ve curated. 

In the long run even your waist-line will thank you.