Life seems to have become all about trade offs. 

Some are easy. Do I…
Want wine or water with dinner?
Get up early to train or sleep in an extra hour?
Prep my food or buy lunch out?

Others are more difficult. Do I…
Stay late at the office or go home and have family dinner?
Spend extra money on that new iPhone or save it for a rainy day?
Scroll through Facebook for a few hours or play in the park with my kid?

You get my drift…The good news? 

The answers are individual to the life you want to be living. So the only question that matters is – Are you happy with the trade offs you’re making? 

If you are – AWESOME! 

You’re on the right track – living the life you want! High five for you. 

If not – then we have some work to do! 

With the New Year upon us what better time than now to start making positive changes?

But guess what? This is the best part! You already have all the answers. You’re just choosing wrong in the moment. 

It all starts with priorities. You need to get clear on what matters most in your life. 

Special shout out to my mommy readers —> time to ditch mommy guilt. If you are victim to this Mindset; Time to let it go in favour of bringing about your best self. Set the example for you littles to follow and you’ll be glad you ditched that guilty Mindset. 

Reality check for all parents and young people influencers: No martyrdom is being celebrated at the end of our lives when all we did was sacrifice ourselves, our well being and our dreams for those of everyone around us. 

A healthy mommy (or insert any young people influencer here) is the foundation of a healthy family. We set the tone for self-care in the home. Children are internalizing our behaviours and determining their own value system. As they grow they will model after US. 

If you struggle with prioritization for life check this out —> Here’s my favourite 6 Steps to prioritization

Then it’s all about being brave enough to live, breathe and choose those priorities at every single opportunity. 

It always seems that the moment we make a life change is the same moment we are constantly tested and challenges arise to determine how invested we are in our life choices. Hence the trade offs we believe we are always having to make. 

Guess what? 

Those trade offs, tests and challenges were already happening. What’s changed is our perspective towards them. That’s totally ok. 

My advice: Stay the course. Here’s a time I did just that – read all about it here!

One of my favourite characteristics about human nature is that of INTEGRITY. 

Integrity is the degree to which we do what we say we will do. It’s the follow through to our verbal commitments. We all have it, but it’s set a different degrees for each of us. 

The higher the integrity level the more we tend to achieve in life. Why? Because we follow through no matter the circumstance. We follow through because we said we would. We follow through because there’s others who depend on our success whether we are aware of it or not. 

All that effort we put forward will usually yield measurable progress and that’s enough to keep us motivated.  If you struggle here with self-sabotage then READ THIS.

So key take aways:

1) Figure out life priorities

2) Determine your integrity level

3) Move forward and ditch the guilt 

In the end when these 3 things are in place the trade off’s won’t seem as daunting and all the goals will happen for you. Make this year your best one yet – you deserve it. You always have, just make this the year you prioritize YOU.