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Let’s play a game.
If you answer yes to any one of these 4 questions you need to read till the end!

1) Do you hear your stomach grumble and dismiss it to others as ‘just’ your hunger? You secretly wish the grumbling noise would never rise from within you because it’s just sooo embarrassing?

2) Do you feel empty and a little light headed but continue on your day? You’re too busy to stop and find time ‘just’ to eat.

3) Do you feel paralyzed from all the possible choices when it’s time to select a meal to silence your hunger? The pressure to eat ‘healthy’ when your comfort foods are calling! Oh the struggle.

4) After a crazy night out filled with dinner, drinks and dessert you feel obligated to hit the gym and double the intensity just to burn off that last bite of dessert. It’s punishment time.

Everyone at some point in life has thought, felt or even said something similar.

The best news?
You’re not alone.

People around the world have said exactly this to themselves. Sometimes several times per day.

I like to call them Toxic Beliefs.
They limit the possibilities we have for ourselves and reduce our greatness.

Instead of shifting blame solely on the media and food companies I’d rather focus on a few critical Mindset Tips I found helpful to move away from negative thought patterns that reinforce Toxic Beliefs like the ones above.

So here goes:

1) Food is just food.

I talk about this A LOT. As an Eating Psychology Coach I’m constantly going to reinforce that all foods are made of macros (Protein, Carbs and Fats). None of these Marcos are evil or bad. It’s the combination and amount for an individual person that can be helpful or harmful to their health.

When we personify food and make it good or bad we associate repercussions or penalties for eating outside of the ‘rules’. Which leads to restrictive eating, binge eating and exercise by punishment which is one of the most prominent Toxic Beliefs we struggle with today.

2) Embrace your hunger.

Maybe that sounds weird to you. But think about it. We NEED food and water to literally stay alive. A few days without any food and water and boy will our health take a turn for the worst.

Embracing our hunger reminds us we are alive. That association helps to reinforce our DESIRE to stay alive and live an extraordinary life. That alone should make us feel grateful and excited to eat instead of feeling embarrassed or fearful of our hunger.

3) One meal won’t determine your Health.

Sometimes we are short on choices and other times we are out for dinner with friends. Either way One meal won’t ever completely ruin your health. One meal can’t make you fat just like 1 meal won’t make you fit.

Relaxing around food allows us to enjoy food more. Increasing this enjoyment helps us to tap into the flavours, textures and colours of food. Food is beautiful and magical and why most holidays and celebrations revolve around FOOD!

Didn’t you ever wonder why we had 4 types of taste buds? We’re meant to experience them all – salty, sweet, sour and bitter.

When we taste food – like really taste it – endorphins and serotonin are released form the brain triggering an improved mood and happier demeanour. It’s our brain gut connection and when working properly helps regulate appetite and support weight management.

4) Get off the damn scale.

Ugh. If I hear one more expert talk about callipers, scale weight and measuring as the BEST methods for tracking success I’m going to scream.

The scale is a mental prison.
It’s only purpose is to tell you your relationship to gravity. Guess what that is a boring and impersonal topic.

Yet we obsess over this number like it has all the meaning in the world and completely determines our value on planet earth.

Do you really want to be known for your weight?
Um probably not.

Look in the mirror. Feel your strength. See you abilities. Look at your character. You’re so much more!!! If you’re curious about my journey with the scale check it out here.

Next time you get caught up in any one of these Toxic Beliefs, stop yourself and think through one of the Mindset Tips and see if you can practice some self love. It’s important to move beyond Toxic Beliefs because repeating the negative mindset over and over contributes to the self-sabotage cycle happening over and over for so many. So if you struggle here, drop me a line and see if I can help through 1:1 coaching.