When you look in the mirror every day what do you see?

Do you like what you see or are there things you would change?

How would you feel if what you saw this very moment was all there was and you couldn’t change anything else? Could you live in this body? With this mind? With this face?

These are questions I struggled to answer affirmatively for most of my adult life. In fact it wasn’t until recently that I personally discovered the power of self-acceptance.

In my opinion when you have accepted yourself that is when you lose the fear around making mistakes. When you know that making mistakes are just part of the path towards success it becomes easier to take risks along that journey. Why, you might ask?


Photography by Celine Saki MUH by Cherry Villanos

It all comes down to how much you believe in yourself. If you doubt every thought and possible action and place too much emphasis on the negative then you ultimately create that outcome.

My preference is to take the risk and even if it doesn’t always pan out. Because sitting around wondering ‘what if’ is no life to be lived. At least not the one I’m living. The more I accept who I am today the easier it is to become who I want to be tomorrow.