Prelude: Bullying is prevalent at every age and stage of life whether you choose to believe this or not. Wherever you go there are bullies looking to knock you down a few pegs because it makes them feel more powerful.

Bullies unfortunately are not treated with the compassion they require in order to reform. Instead, they are bullied by society and punsihed for their behaviour which unknowingly reinforces more of it.

While I will never condone bullying and I suffered a great deal at the hands of many of them, I will also never again give them my power. The power they are so hungry for because they have lost or never known their own.

The below is meant as a call to my bullies and those watching on to reframe their behaviour. It is also to advise that I have reclaimed my power and am no longer vulnerable. I stand strong in who I am and what I stand for.

For those being bullied know it is because you are strong and they are afraid of that strength. It is easier for bullies to beat it down than to befriend it. Hold on, light is on the other side. I promise.


Thank you.

Thank you to every bully who ever brought me down and made me feel less than.

Whether you are my seventh grade class mate, the girl that pretended to be my friend but made fun of me behind my back, the man who attacked me or the ex that was also a master manipulator or any snide comment made by someone along the way: You are the same bully.

You do not get an individual face or recognition of your name. You have work to do on yourself to be a better person but for now you serve to help others along their path using the only tools you have.

Do not be mistaken, I’m not thanking you to condone your behaviour or to give you credit for my current happiness. I’m thanking you for always reminding me of where I belong and what I’m supposed to do with my time here.

I  was lucky. Instead of turning into you I used what I saw in you to become the opposite. I became more kind, more giving, always growing. I used the mud and darkness you surrounded me with to become a flower. I outgrew you and now I can find the light and bask in its abundance.

So thank you – your cruelty helps me along my path towards greatness.