The laundry is done. The groceries have been put away. The gym bag and work bag has been packed. Lunches are ready to go. I sit down to write just a little so I can properly reflect on this past weekend from our get away.

We have a tendency to run and run ourselves ragged until we become snappy at our kids, distant from our partners and well generally crusty people. It happens to the most positive and happy people I know. There comes a time for all of us when it’s time to focus on yourself, just a little. Enter self-care.

But sometimes this isn’t enough and we need to get away.

That’s when I like to focus on couple-care. For all my parents out there that moment you can’t quite remember your last date night, your last full night of sleep or the last time you demonstrated a little PDA in public…I’m talking to you! It’s time for some couple-care.

For us couple-care means: disconnecting from social media, our obligations, our child, work and everything going on in life in order to make sure the foundation of our relationship is solid. It’s time for extra kisses and leisurely breakfasts. A time for swimming in the lake and taking off our watches. It’s time for eating gelato and embracing sun-kissed shoulders. Are you getting my drift?

My hubby and I have a secret place. Somewhere we’ve been going together since early in our dating history. It’s a place that nurtured my hubby back from the broken heart that led him to me.

This is the place we dreamt of our future together. Now it’s a sanctuary of relaxation and fun that brings us back to life.

It’s called Fern Glen Inn.┬áThis little oasis just outside of Hunstville is our place. No TV’s, no internet. This isn’t the lap of luxury it is the comforts of home. Gourmet breakfasts that neither of us could ever re-create fill our bellies and off we go on an adventure.

We have done everything from sleep our day away on some large rocks by a riverbank to canoe half a day to jump in some water falls. We have hiked the 20 Acre property and enjoyed fine dining across the region.

This is the place we refuel our energy and re-connect our relationship. We talk and laugh. Then cuddle until we fall asleep. He and I share dreams and wishes and set new goals. We get away.

I love this place and the gifts it gives so generously.

Thank you Jackie and Jim for following your dreams so that we have a place to reignite our own. We are forever grateful and can’t wait for our next visit.

While I know it’s hard to find babysitters, schedule the time to go, carve out the budget, sit in traffic and actually turn off your phone…trust me it’s well worth the effort. The parent and partner you return as is a better one. At least, that’s how it works for us.


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