It’s time to step into the fun-filled version of yourself. The one who laughs from her belly because you don’t need to suck it in. Or dance like no one is watching because your curves are your own. Embrace the pleasures of eating because the flavours and textures are oh so good!

Instead of fighting to be the fat free version of yourself it’s time to ditch self-imposed food limitations, outdated beliefs and general health practices that keep you small.

Being the fun-filled version of ourselves is inclusive of wellness, movement and nourishing foods too, it’s just a lot less pressure and a lot more fun!

As an Eating Psychology Practitioner, I believe that the body has a story to tell. Who we are and how we eat is just an important as what we eat when it comes to our health. That movement is integral but should also be filled with positivity. And that self-love is a critical ingredient in living our best lives.

When I began my journey to wellness I realized that some of the most impactful changes to my own health came from little known mind body nutrition practices. Ultimately these practices led me to becoming a published fitness model in Canada’s number 1 fitness magazine, Inside Fitness.

Since then I have been curating the best content to bring you The Yana Blueprint. A 12-week mind body nutrition program unlike any other. This small group coaching platform is the perfect mix between personalized coaching and group support.

You will receive as part of our small format group coaching:

  • Training Program

  • Nutrition Guide

  • Weekly VIP Video

  • Weekly Team Challenges

  • 1x Per Month Coaching Call

  • Support in Our Private Facebook Community

The Yana Blueprint approach begins by Rebuilding Fundamentals around nutrition and movement beliefs. Then we move on to a Mindset Makeover. Lastly, we wrap up the program by Elevating Life tackling time management, goal setting and self-worth.

Together we will replace behaviours that no longer serve you and begin to transform your life. Yana means journey to self-discovery, and to begin yours, click the link below to tell me a bit more about yourself and reserve your coaching kick off call with me.

Or if you’re ready to get started choose a payment option below and join us now!

Your yana guide,