Do you want to stay young forever?

Have a Beginners Mindset in everything you do. As children we approach life with the innocence of the unknown and as we learn we are fascinated  by the magic of life. 

Everything from peekaboo to the incredible reflection we see in the mirror amazes us and propels our minds forward on a journey of exploration and learning. 

We are constantly testing boundaries, looking for new ways of doing things and figuring out exactly how something works. 

Our teen years represent this perfectly. From learning how to drive to creating new paths for ourselves as an almost-adult it’s an opportunity to see how we fair on our own. 

As adults we seem to lose this innate sense that life is a journey. We are taught to perfect our craft and show a strong front to those around us. Making mistakes is a sign of weakness and therefore should be hidden at all costs. 

However, it is the act of making ‘mistakes’ that allows us to keep attempting an activity or practice until we are comfortable enough with the outcome to move on to the next or continue as is. Let go of the frustration around this process and the playfulness of our youth will return. 

The notion of relaxing into our journeys thus letting go of stress, perfectionism and the idea that mistakes are a negative outcomes is a youthful and joyful way to view life. 

We get just 1 ride on this roller coaster and we get to build that coaster as we ride. Moment by moment – we decide how exciting, how exhilarating and how daring we want to be. Sometimes we may veer right when we meant to go straight. Allow it. Go with it and see what comes from that sharp and unexpected turn. The spontaneity of your youth will keep you sharp, agile and always with a Beginners Mindset learning something new about yourself. 

Allow the timing to be what it may be. We are often rushing through life and the business of busyness keeps us from getting into the details of life. 

Quick couple of questions to test you on your business of busyness: 

– When was the last time you went to the park? – – Did you count down the minutes until it was time to round up your kids and head home for dinner? 

– When was the last time you took off your shoes and felt the blades of grass on your feet? 

– Do you remember that feeling? 

– The feeling of just being grounded to the earth and breathing deeply?

– Which person are you most often?

Taking more time to enjoy the details of our journey allows us to live in the present with those around us. We create more impactful memories that carry us through life. We are more creative and therefore searching with our youthful curiosity for what’s next. 

Lastly I want to touch on the power of our intuition as our guide and genius. Our intuition is like any muscle. It gets stronger and more accurate the more often we listen and honour it. 

Being able to rely on our own intuition to guide us appears as confidence and trust of ones self. In my opinion exuding these characteristics is attractive to those around us. It brings people together and often those who rely on intuition are sought out for their input and often lean in to support others on their journey since they might once have been in that place. 

Always having a Beginners Mindset gives so many gifts. From curiosity, confidence, self-trust we evolve from tiny humans into larger humans with incredible life experience that allows for constant growth.