Is the number on the scale weighing you down?

My fitness journey began because I wanted to lose weight. I was so tied to a specific number on the scale I thought would mean beauty, sex appeal and success. 

A number I actually never weighed before and one that I wasn’t even sure was realistic. 

One that would make me so small that I became literally obsessed with weighing myself several times a day. 

So obsessed I ignored my appetite. 

Really, so obsessed I ignored the dizziness. 

So obsessed I lost the pleasure food once gave. 

Sounds like you? Then keep reading. 

Looking back I realize this Mindset not only shrank my body but also my soul. It kept my purpose in this world small and meek because I was trying to be small and meek. 

How sad an existence is that?! 

But millions of us live this way. Chained to the scale.

Imprisoned by its stupid number that can change in an instant if you breathe, drink, eat or poop. Yup I said POOP and it’s true. Yup I said eat too…here’s what I use to eat well and with flexibility as a side note.

I finally started to achieve the body I so desired when I stepped OFF THE F#%^*ing scale. 

The less I focused on the number the stronger I grew mind, body and soul. A weight loss goal was one of the first goals I refused to set again. Read about it here.

I realized living empowered and confident is better than small and meek. What I saw in the mirror and how I felt about myself brought forward and strengthened my favourite qualities and lessened my discontent for the things I didn’t like about my body. It’s amazing how this process began with just 1 body part, my eyes. Do this at home and you’ll learn how to feel the same. 

The longer I pursued this journey the less I relied on the scale for validation. My day could no longer be determined by a number. (Finally I was FREE!) My feelings could not be shaken by a freakin’ number!

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You are worth more than a $20 piece of garbage that only tells you your relationship with gravity at any given moment. 

It doesn’t know you. It doesn’t know your heart, your struggles or your goals. 


So for all the love you owe yourself – DON’T LET IT HAVE YOUR POWER TOO. 


PS I know you want to feel what I feel so check this out

About the Author:

As an Eating Psychology Coach helping women fall in love with their bodies, build confidence and improve their relationship with food.

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