This is a small part of a rather large steep hill in a park near my home. I used to STRUGGLE big time walking up this hill. It was always the last part of a mommy and baby boot camp I used to do with my daughter on maternity leave. I always felt like a failure trying to push her up up this massive hill. Sweating, tired, feeling uncomfortable and sometimes with her crying and upset because she felt my sad frustrated energy.

Every so often I like to return to this hill and walk up and down it. After a few years it feels so much easier. This hill represents my journey in so many ways.

  1. The first time you climb that hill is going to be scary because the hill is unknown and there’s so many uncertainties about your success.
  2. The second time you climb the hill will actually be the hardest because you know what to expect each step of the way and you may want to resist doing what it would take for you to get where you said you want to be.
  3. By staying consistent after some time you begin to know where you can push yourself to go faster, harder and be smarter. You start feeling accomplished.
  4. There will always be blind spots where the sun gets in your eye or a snake comes out of the bush and you may need help getting by. Accept help. People and genuine and good and want to help you.
  5. Last and most important there’s always a light at the end of every tunnel or tree lined hill and when you reach the light at the top you just feel so good!

The last point is why I return to this hill. It’s to remind myself just how far I’ve come and where I never again want to return.

What is your reminder on the path to success?