We all have this voice within us that plants ideas, shares dreams and helps guide us. This voice while coachable to be stronger in most of us is nothing more than a whisper. It’s been so unsupported, unvalidated and in some cases all together silenced that it doesn’t always know when or how to move us anymore.

There was a time when my voice was nothing but a whisper. It sent me dreams and wishes but I actioned nothing. I felt small and powerless. I acted more selfishly and with less perspective. As a result I got stuck in this perpetual cycle of monotony. Life was bleh, I was average and my life was mediocre. This wasn’t what I had envisioned my life would be like.

But how to escape the this pit of a life? How do I change? How do I evolve into the person I really want to be and have the life I really want to live?

Start saying YES when you usually say NO.

Taking risks was one of my first steps towards validating my inner-voice. Each time I dug deep to hear that tiny whisper I honoured myself. Each time I actioned a thought, created and followed through on a goal I got stronger. Over time my inner-voice became louder.

My inner-voice is so loud that taking risks today is almost second nature. I’m almost as willing to go the extra mile, learn a new skill, try something new and stretch myself into the person I want to be that I can’t imagine no longer being true to that inner-voice.

Who I am today is truly driven by my mind, body and soul being in alignment. Who would’ve thought it would stem from a simple yes instead of a no?

Share a time you said yes instead of no and it changed your life.