Not fit enough…

Someone recently asked me a question that has had me thinking a lot about being fit and the myriad of perceptions that come about with that topic. The question was [...]

Symptoms of a STRONG GIRL

I'm privileged to be coached by one of the best in the business for the past few years - Coach JVB. I have grown not only physically in strength but [...]

The hill.

This is a small part of a rather large steep hill in a park near my home. I used to STRUGGLE big time walking up this hill. It was always [...]

Walk the walk.

Let me ask you something to consider. How do you act and react when you walk down the street every day? Do you look forward and smile at those you [...]

Mirror, mirror

It's so confusing to try to decipher the truth about what I see when I look in the mirror. Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me. I see things that [...]