Stronger for me means the ability to do more, be more, have more, carry more, manage more than I could yesterday.

Stronger means I’m more capable of being closer aligned to the values and core beliefs that make me the best version of myself.

Stronger means following through more often than falling off course and upping the anti of my goals to keep growing.

Growing stronger feels easier when everything in life is going smoothly. Work schedule is normal, everyone at home is healthy, the weather is beautiful etc.

But what really makes us all stronger is CONTINUING on that path we’ve designed and laid out even when things go wrong in life: such as losing a job, someone is ill, a break up or anything else where your first instinct is to turn inward.

What I’ve learned is to become stronger is to remain consistent with my goals and lifestyle even when everything around me is crumbling. Of course I take the time I need to rest and return to my happier self and acknowledge that times are more difficult. However that doesn’t give me an excuse to throw away all I’ve worked for in lieu of the victims mentality.

So next time life gets tough turn to the things that will make you stronger instead of playing into the things that will reinforce your weakness.