I’m privileged to be coached by one of the best in the business for the past few years – Coach JVB. I have grown not only physically in strength but also emotionally and in my intelligence as well.

As our community grows I’ve started to notice some commonalities about the girls who join our family and thought I could share some of my observations with you.

But first – what is a STRONG GIRL?

She is a woman who has taken back her power to create the mind and body she has always envisioned. She is a woman who can and will excel at anything she puts her mind to. She manages to find a way to do it all and still find time to lift others up. She is an influencer in her community. She redefines what a woman can do and strives to be the best example of herself day in and day out – even if she can’t always see it herself. Once she’s achieved this goal she sets more and she begins to help others do the same. She knows that life is a journey and we are never a finished project but always a work in progress.

How to Spot a STRONG GIRL?

  • In the gym she is likely to have a red mini-band on her thigh in between sets.
  • In the grocery store she will have a variety of veggies, fruits, proteins, carbs and some fun foods for post workouts.
  • Her gym bag sits at the front door of your home with running shoes and the next days gear ready to go.
  • Her fridge, car, desk and dishwasher are filled with Tupperware containers…tupperware everywhere!
  • Her Facebook posts have taken a turn towards the inspirational
  • The delivery guy keeps dropping off packages from Under Armour, Lululemon and Nike or the like as fitness gear gets this girl going!
  • Her playlists are filled with beats that keep her on pace for her HIIT workout and on tempo for training days.
  • If you see her walking down the street you’ll know she’s on a booty mission.

I’ve been so lucky to meet so many of our STRONG GIRLS and am excited every time we get the chance to catch up over coffee, share a sweat session or shine under the bulbs of a photo shoot. We are STRONG GIRLS.