About a year ago I got injured. My hamstrings got very tight and it was difficult for me to move around with ease. It prevented me from making progress towards my training goals which was also very frustrating. After several weeks living in pain it was recommended to me to seek out the support Sheena a.k.a the Stretchgirl.

‘The Stretchgirl?’ I thought. I looked her up and discovered she is a Myofascial Release Specialist. I know you’re wondering what that is exactly?

Myofascial Release Therapy or more commonly known as stretch therapy, is a series of movements that targets joints and the muscle tissues that connect throughout the body to relax. As the movements progress tension is released and a warm, calm sensation comes over the body and mind.

I learned there are so many benefits to myofascial release therapy, here are just a few:

– Reduces stress

– Helps to repair muscle tissue

– Improves sleep

– Supports weight loss

– Improves mental clarity

– Is the only passive therapy that leaves you aware but relaxed

With all those benefits I quickly gave a call to SWAT Health to book my appointment with Sheena! After several sessions, my hamstring injury had cleared up and I was back to regular movement. Now after working together for about a year I have personally experienced all the above benefits from stretch therapy in addition to gaining a wonderful friend.

Sheena and I sat down a few weeks ago to discuss just how she came to be a Stretch Therapist and what drives her passion for health, wellness and the fitness industry at large.

From childhood Sheena was business minded. Always filled with ideas she knew she would create her own path forward. Her home life was inspiring from a young age growing up watching her parents work tirelessly to build a future for their family. Sheena describes it as a magical system with Mom as a high-level executive and Dad holding down the fort at home. Seeing her Mom in a powerful position lit a fire in Sheena she said, “I want to do that!”

As a personal trainer, Sheena stumbled upon stretch therapy and went for a session. Immediately hooked she completed her certification in 2011 and quickly began working it into her clients’ programs. After honing her skills and establishing her methodology Sheena focused primarily on stretch therapy launching the Stretchgirl.

Over the past 4 years Sheena has built a name for herself in the fitness and athletic industry as one of the best. Some of her clients even fly in to seek out her services. Those that she once waited in lines to meet at fitness shows are now waiting to see her. With a differentiated approach to therapy she has been able to help her clients adjust their physical structure. Some of the more common outcomes to effective treatment are a smaller waist for fitness competitors, increase in height through releasing of the spine, more open back and a cleansing of the lymphatic tissue.

What is most impressive about Sheena (besides her magical hands and incredibly amazing energy) is her drive for success. She said, “ Time to goal bigger girl.” About her next phase of business adventures. She continues, “It’s really important to be very clear about what you want from the Universe. It will come to you exactly as you put it out there. So the more details you include in your affirmation the more the outcome will be what you envisioned!”

Title: TBD

Next up for Sheena, in partnership with SWAT Health is the expansion into SWAT Stretch. This is an exciting initiative where Sheena will be training up and hiring several stretch therapists to expand services into the GTA.

Title: TBD-1I’m so excited to see friends and incredible people forge their own paths forward, gaining success along the way. I urge you to get in for a stretch therapy session if you’ve never tried it before. Guaranteed it will leave you feeling better and stronger!