The only thing we truly leave behind are our stories.

What I mean by stories are the moments or parts of our lives that the people we know and love remember about us. Characteristics that define us, experiences that differentiate us, moments that impact those around us, you know, the things that matter!

When we go it’s our stories that live beyond us by those that loved us enough to share their impressions of us with others. Those stories become our legacy and it’s how we impact the generations to follow.

I know that might sound intimidating but it’s true regardless of whether you are a famous inventor a brilliant artist or just you and I.

Let me ask you – what would people say about you today?

Perhaps you are a loving parent, a supportive partner, a creative thinker or a soulful artist. Maybe you have a love for finer things, an eye for design or a listening ear. Or perhaps you aren’t any of those things and are still finding yourself, a free spirit!

Whatever your gifts I must ask another question – is it enough for you?

Are you really living with the passion and joy that inspires and awakens the fact that THIS, right here, right now is our ONLY 1 time shot at life? Every day is a day we live only once. Every moment is a moment that will occur just once.

So my lesson learned after spending too many lonely Saturday nights watching chick flicks on the couch of my condo…SEIZE IT.

  • Take the risk
  • Be present in the moment
  • Listen to your inner-voice
  • Set goals and breathe life into them
  • Face your adversity and rise above it to inspire others
  • Create your legacy whatever it may be

With only one shot, so much to learn, so much to see and do there’s no better time than this moment to get started. There is no better time than NOW to write or re-write your story.

How will you be remembered and what will you do differently starting today to make your story great?