Some of us proclaim to love some good old retail therapy aka shopping experience.

But there’s a good group out there who feel tormented by the shopping experience, sales associates and available sizing. 

Now let me tell you, I’ve had all types of shopping experiences. I’ve also had my fair share of retail jobs. So I’ve been on both sides.

From that elusive feeling of ordering exactly what I like in my size, having it delivered and it looks amazing to literally having a sweaty meltdown in the change room because absolutely nothing fits. 

In fact I recently shared with a friend that I got stuck in a $500 turtleneck dress at a high end designer store. The associate assured me I’d fit into their last size (pfttttt never believing that line again). I kind of thought it looked small but gave it a go.

My head got stuck in the turtleneck and my arms up around my head I felt stuffed into a sausage casing. I started to sweat and freak out that I would ruin this very expensive dress that I didn’t intend on buying in the first place.

After wrangling myself out of the garment I made a beeline out of that store. I’ll forever look at their beautiful clothes but unlikely to ever try them on again. Luckily I didn’t ruin the dress.

Man, Shopping can be traumatic. 

So just for fun I’ve rounded up a list of 5 secret truths why women hate shopping when the world would stereotype us as shopaholics:

1) Not all sizes are created equal. 

From different size ranges by designer to some sizes being unavailable or having to wear a different size depending on where the item was bought. Damn I’m confused myself what size I am. My closet is full of numbers and this can be frustrating. Not to mention damaging our self-confidence. Here’s my take on making peace with your closet —> Check it out. 

2) Change room or torture chamber…depends on the day.

There are times where items get stuck (ahem read above!), zippers break, our lipstick smears across a white blouse (ugh!), pants don’t do up and nothing looks right. We become a sweaty, tearful mess and we leave feeling defeated and empty handed. Only to dread the next time we need a dress for an event or gasp (!) a swim suit. Oh the horror. 

3) It’s a body shaming war zone. 

We’ve all heard a story or been the victim of a back talking sassy ass sales associate telling us that: ‘The cut really is meant for a slimmer figure’ or ‘Your bust just spills out of that top, maybe the turtleneck might be better on you’. Or flat out: ‘We don’t carry YOUR size, shop elsewhere’.

These types of people should be fired on the spot. It’s a black mark for brands and this attitude should be banned.

We don’t shop to be brought down. We shop to express our sense of style and show the world who we are through fashion. 

4) Big brands, Big stores, Bogus support. 

I hate going into high end stores looking for their sales associates and no one is to be found. I’m wandering aisle to aisle trying to re-learn all these brands and have no idea what I’m trying to find.

After becoming a mommy I speak fluent childwear but have no idea about anything womenswear related. I

just want someone to spell it out or at least help point me in the right direction on how to look cool or dress for my age. Maybe you can install one of the ‘help buttons’ like they have in Lowes so you can find me and help me shop! 

5) Coat check and child check puleassssseee! 

While I’d love to imagine myself living in a warmer climate, sadly I don’t. Most of you don’t either. It would be great if I didn’t have to carry my coat, work bag, lunch bag, diaper bag, stroller and any other item around with me at the mall after a long day of work and all I wanted to pick up in between subway stops was a new pair of panty hose, a birthday gift for my mom and a new sweater for date night.

While we’re at it I’d pay a good price for a drop off play centre too so I can shop in peace! 

I long for those leisurely Saturday afternoon shopping sessions with girlfriends. You know the ones…lunching, laughing, champagne and oodles of bags with stunning outfits ready for my wearing pleasure —> get me childcare and I will spend more in your store. 

So the world continues to believe we’re shopaholics when this is really the truth. We might spend a lot of time shopping but don’t always get what we really need out of the experience. 

Would love to hear about your best or worst shopping experience! Share your story with me in the comments. 


P.S. On the flip side when you do find a great place to shop I like to visit often. I have a local shop that I frequent most often because of their warm hospitality, supportive fashion advice and always cutting edge of style! Plus you can shop online too! Check em out – -> Just Two Girls