A little known fact about me…there was a time I wanted to look like my shadow. Specifically my shadow at about 2-3pm in the afternoon. I often thought to myself; ‘My shadow has the perfect body. She’s curvy, just the right height and always looks just right’.

Let’s break this down. From 2-3pm I would have the perfect body in the ideal proportion to what I thought I liked to see at the time. Earlier in the day around high noon and I would be nothing but a round blob on the ground with no shape or form. But later in the afternoon my shadow would be about 7 feet long and distorted from the sun. By evening, I would completely disappear. What kind of perfection is to only exist for 1 hour a day???

It just goes to show you how sometimes women set irrational, unrealistic and in this case completely insane standards of perfection.

It has taken me years of positive self-talk and self-development work to reprogram my own inner monologue to accept what I have in the moment that I have it. Love what my body can do and how it does everything with ease. Appreciate that my body has given life to another human being and recognize the power in that. Understand the mind’s ability to grow and improve every moment of every day. Allow for positivity and love to flow through my being and give that back to others in an infinite loop.

My body is not and will never be a shadow. I have finally accepted that. Quite frankly I have grown quite fond of the blue eyes, brown hair, wide smile, big tooth, loud and opinionated, curvy body that could only come in the human (not shadow) form that is me.

I’d encourage you to let go of the mashed up celebrity body, ideal personal changes or your own shadow you might be holding on to as an irrational and unattainable goal. Start to love where you’re at and progress will flow from there.