We’ve all been there with self-sabotage.

We set a goal. Whether it be to get a new job, lose a few pounds, be in a relationship you name it. We set a goal and begin down a path that we believe leads towards success. 

We do all the things. 

Read all the books. 

Talk to all the people.

There’s some progress. We get excited. Then we continue on. We get more progress. More excitement. We’re almost there…then fail. 

Wait, what?! Fail?!  

Yes –> FAIL. 

We fail because we were too close to succeeding and something in our subconscious triggered an old behaviour that sabotaged our success. 

Does this sound like you?

It was me for years. I would set these fitness goals and just as I was about to reach them I would fall back into old behaviours that would ruin my positive mindset and all my progress. Just to start at ground zero over and over again. 

What took forever to realize was that we can’t punish ourselves into success. We can’t take a negative mindset, apply it to a positive goal and expect a positive result when our baseline is negative. 

Self-sabotage is the moment of truth that repeats over and over again through out so many aspects of life until we wake up and have courage to face it.  

The first step to achieving any goal is actually to work on mindset and eliminating our self-sabotaging behaviours FIRST. 

Addressing our root cause for our self-sabotage, triggers and unwanted behaviours clears the path for goals to be met seamlessly from one to the next. Allowing for the growth we ultimately want to achieve from our lives. 

Ahhhhh. Yes that sounds amazing doesn’t it? 

So how do we do this? 

Short answer is that it’s hard work. But don’t get scared off. 

That’s usually why people shy away from this type of work. It’s easier to continue to plan and make a little progress with temporary happiness than it is to address the real reasons for no permanent growth. But is that really who you are or want to be?!

Nope. Didn’t think so. 

So here’s the deal. 

Figuring out your triggers comes from very specific areas in our life. They are:

1) Family/Parents

2) Intimate Relationships

3) Money

4) Work/School

5) Personal Trauma 

6) Religion 

7) Sex

All the taboo topics are exactly where, as an Eating Psychology Coach, I work with clients to identify and heal from their personal triggers. We spend time together in The Yana Blueprint discovering and eliminating the root cause that had every Monday as diet day 1 for the last year.

Those hang ups, triggers and trauma serve a purpose in our lives. The moment we slow down and recognize the lesson the easier it will be to let go of our self-sabotage and move forward. 

So, I present you an opportunity to do the real work of life. Identify your root cause and begin to tackle the life lesson in it for you. 

Guess what I’m here to help you! 


P.S. While you start down that path I invite you to join 10 women who are committing to The Yana Blueprint, a 12 week group coaching program designed to rebuild nutrition and movement fundamentals, redefine a mindset makeover and ultimately reimagine and elevate life goals. Reserve a coaching kick off call with me to clarify your goals!