imageAfter a long week of extra hours at the office, helping a friend one evening and doing double duty as a mom there’s just only so much energy left for the weekend. Luckily this weekend we had a lot of rain and this afforded me the opportunity to have a cuddle in bed movie day with my toddler.

First a rarity that we were home, second a last minute decision had us alone together and third the change in weather gave us permission to just chill. So we did. From Dora to Inside Out we snuggled, laughed and snacked our way through the afternoon while we indulged in some TV time.

We had a blast and I soaked in every moment. I loved watching her laugh as she got a joke in the movie. I smiled to myself as she would ask if Joy is her sister from Inside Out. I filed away every cuddle and sweet little kiss for when she’s too big to want to be that close to me at home or in public.

In fact I feel more recharged than before. That down time was just enough to bond with my girl and hang out without having to be on for any reason at all.

Who knew that’s all it took.

What do you do to recharge?