We are so busy.

It’s becoming a sickness really.

We glorify how busy we are. I hear colleagues, friends and family comparing just how busy one is vs the other like it’s a competition. The most busy wins and is celebrated as such a martyr. The other feeling down and out about just how much more they should be doing with their time.

That sounds crazy.

I want to celebrate the one who has found a way to peacefully enjoy a cup of tea while starring out the window. Or the one who is always home for family dinner. Perhaps it’s the one who laughs from the belly unconcerned with the fact that time is passing.

Hmmm. Yup that sounds like something I’d much rather celebrate.

I also love watching people it’s a little hobby of mine. In all this watching I’ve discovered some actions that if we let those go we can find a lot of extra time in our days. It’s also my experience as an Eating Psychology Coach and working mom that prioritization of self is more and more challenging in today’s society. It’s not just us mom’s but every single person around has got their story on how difficult it is to find the time to unwind and do the things they love most. So here’s my top 7 tips to prioritize YOU.

1) Stop scrolling social media like a drone.

Put your phone away and engage with people. It’s a magical thing when you connect through conversation. Human connection is critical to our social beings and how we increase our happiness in life. Without human interaction, like face to face and actually speaking to one another, then depression rates can skyrocket quickly.

2) Let go of staying up late in favour of sleep.

I learned recently that we achieve a lot in our sleep from restorative cycles, to problem solving and even time to innovate. Sign me up for problem solving in my sleep!

3) Tune in to your body.

I like to do a 1 minute morning scan from head to toe. I just close my eyes and visualize each part of my body as I move from top down. Does anything feel sore, painful, tired, energized, happy. You know check in with yourself. It helps bring some awareness to how you move.

4) Swap a quick goodbye for a hug or kiss.

My hubby and I always have a nice kiss in the morning. It’s a great send off and gives us just a moment to connect. Give it a try!

5) Accept help.

We are so quick to take it all on and show everyone we can do it no matter the consequence. Let me tell you the consequence is your health and well being. So…next time someone offers to bring a dish to your dinner, tidy up after you’ve cooked, pick up your child or shovel your drive way let them. Then you can see just how lovely it is to release yourself from some of that burden.

6) Outsource where appropriate.

Cleaning, laundry, meal prep, grocery delivery, tutors. All services that can make your life easier. Just be sure to budget appropriately as these services can add up. I love prioritization and here’s another read on how to get it all done including taking care of YOU!

7) Turn off the TV.

I used to spend entire evenings watching mindlessly. Flicking through channels and later scrolling through Netflix while snacking on who knows what. Shut it off. There’s better things to do and spend time on that help your serve a purpose on this beautiful planet. In fact I built this business with only 1 extra hour a day devoted to it….most of which was repurposing my TV time…read about that journey here.

When we repurpose our wasted time into freed up time we create the opportunity for ourselves to learn more, do differently and contribute to the world…or we could just rest. There’s nothing wrong with a little of both options.