Someone recently asked me a question that has had me thinking a lot about being fit and the myriad of perceptions that come about with that topic. The question was so innocent and simple: ‘Have you always been this fit?’

For all of you my short response is: ‘No I haven’t always been this fit.’

I was always active but my relationship with food prevented me from being able to really express the physical representation of how I wanted to look.

I was always watching what I ate but that was part of the problem. I was always watching what I ate and judging myself for eating a slice of birthday cake or too many potatoes with dinner.

That judgement turned into negative self-talk that would play like a broken record diminishing the self-worth I felt towards achieving any desire I had. With a lack of self-worth I would end up sabotaging everything I was trying to build ultimately working against myself.

I was not ever fit enough on the outside to be accepted by many. I got bullied for my overly feminine form. I was challenged always to keep losing weight and brainwashed that a thinner version of myself would be more successful. With every pound lost I also lost my personal sparkle. I might have been thinner but I was a fraction of who I am today.

No, I was not always this fit. I was not ever fit enough to recognize that the above was a problem mindset and was holding me back from living in full expression.

For me – fitness comes in many forms. My definition of fit has evolved over time to move away from skinny and towards strong and energy-filled.

Today I’m fit enough because I have learned these 7┬átips:

  1. Food is fuel and needs to be customized to individual fitness goals.
  2. Learning about how the body functions, bones, muscles, organs, digestion, brain function in sickness and in health help bring about an awareness that is next level.
  3. Setting goals and striving for something that is greater than the current state is a pursuit of fitness whether directly related to fitness or not.
  4. Having a high level of integrity and following through allows for trust between others and you but most importantly trust within yourself.
  5. Fit is about strength of mind and body. It’s just as important to learn something new to keep the brain sharp as it is to move the body. (Plus I feel super bad@ss when I hit a new personal best in the gym!)
  6. Let go of judgement and negative self-talk. That line of thinking is literally toxic and will go to great lengths to keep you small.
  7. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will support your journey and celebrate all the little victories along the way.

No I was never this fit and to be honest I’m still striving towards my most fit self and will always be because life is about endless growth and opportunity. You just have to choose to see it that way.

What’s your definition of fit?