It’s so confusing to try to decipher the truth about what I see when I look in the mirror. Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me. I see things that aren’t always there.

A heavy meal, a hot day, a heated conversation none of which actually change the way I look but it can change how I perceive myself.

The mind is the most powerful ally or enemy on this journey towards self-acceptance and improved body-image. While I love myself more today than I ever have before I’m still struggling some days.

Interpretation of what I see is muddied with feelings and stories about why I think I look that way and I’m not always logical. Negative self-talk can so easily¬†infiltrate the progress made towards positive¬†body-image.Reinforcing positive self-talk and seeing through the stories and illogical interpretations take time to practice enough to become habit.

All I know is this journey is never ending and always finds new hurdles to overcome. There’s no way but forward on this one with the same courage, love and search for support that’s been there since the start.