You busted your butt for weeks if not months on end to hit your goal weight.

You did everything that magazine article told you to do:

1) Reduced calories to match their prescribed 7 day diet.
2) Trained and Ran your butt off hating every second.
3) Bought some crazy pills that make your heart beat so fast you think it’s going to burst.
4) Ended off with a detox to make sure you ditched those last few lbs.

You love how you look but you’re desperate for just a bite of chocolate or for goodness sake a meal that has a sauce on it. Am I right?!

There’s been a time or two in my past when this was definitely me. You know what happened? I gained all my weight back in almost as much time as it took to lose. Bet this has happened to you too. Then we are off again on yet another roller coaster diet to get to our goal weight. So frustrating!!

Why does this happen to us?

Usually the diets we follow are unsustainable and meant for short term benefit. Nothing about what was described above is a long term strategy anyone can live with.

In fact they are designed intentionally or not, with a rebound in mind. A rebound in my point of view is inevitable when we are consistently deprived of food whether in the total amount or variety we consume.

When this happens our bodies stress levels rise, we can move into starvation mode and over time – BOOMmetabolism SLOWS down. Yes you read that right. When your calories are too low for too long your body will not burn fat it will store it.

Side note: It also feeds into our toxic mindsets that quick fixes actually work. If we just found the right one then all our problems will be solved. That’s like thinking we can all wear the same shoe in the same size for our entire lives. It’s not possible. Our feet grow and we need different shoes for different activities and reasons. Not to mention your foot is unique to mine.

What to do differently?

Most people don’t like this answer but losing weight slowly is always better for your body and long term health.

My personal preference is to lose weight with these 4 principles in mind:

1) Lower your calories as little as possible.

Believing that we can live to our fullest on the least amount of food negatively impacts our metabolism making it sluggish along with our mindset turning it towards negative self-talk. Constantly thinking of less food keeps our lives and potential small too. Think: more is more!

2) Include all food.

Eat all the colours of the fruit and veggie rainbow. Include proteins, carbs and fats. Guess what…the more balanced your food intake the better your results. The shiner your hair, the stronger your muscles and the longer your results will last. Not to mention your gut will thank you as repeatedly eating the same foods increases your chances of developing intolerances to those exact foods.

I love the If It Fits Your Macros approach for me because it gives me flexibility to eat in restaurants and understand my personal intake. Check it out HERE.

Lastly, your brain and taste buds will thank you because variety increases our satisfaction meter decreasing our snacking and reducing cravings. If you eat quickly CHECK THIS OUT to learn how to enjoy every bite you eat!

3) Stop cheating and create flexibility.

Your ‘cheat meals’ are killing you! That mentality that you are cheating on your diet is doing such a disservice and I hate that terminology. I prefer the STRONG GIRLS term – FREE MEAL. This is a meal of your choosing at home or out. It’s a guilt free time when you can enjoy foods you may not choose to include every day. It’s a mental break from dieting – if that’s what you’re doing. It helps you transition from a diet into a lifestyle.

4) Think long term.

You and your body are in it for the long haul. Not just for that beach vacay or that upcoming wedding. Stop thinking so short term. Start thinking long term. You are in a long term committed relationship with your BODY.

Treat it the way you would want your partner to treat you on your birthday. (Woot woot, now we’re talking!) Now do that every day! Respect yourself. Love yourself. Feed yourself with high quality food, information and people. If you want some more fitness hacks here you go!

Don’t settle just because you’re not sure you’re worth it. I know you are. So step up and be the one who gets their goals, keeps them and turns around to teach others how to do the same.

So…next time you see a fad diet…what are you going to do?


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