Many times it feels easier to fall into labels and live through a to-do list for the day. I’m not talking about Jimmy Choo’s or Lulu’s. In this context labels are the achetypes of all the roles played out in life.

For me it’s wife, mom, marketer, coach, daughter, sister, friend, woman etc etc etc. We have a cultural and historical bias to thinking we know what each of those labels are supposed to represent and therefore make up the sum of how we are supposed to be acting in this world and throughout our lives.

When living in our labels we can lack presence, passion, curiosity and empathy for others because we are relying on the expectations of others to get us through out day.

For me I find that I’m not as focused at work. I struggle to relax into playing with my daughter. I’m not really paying attention to the conversations and questions I’m being asked. Perhaps even my training lacks the usual enthusiasm and intensity.

When living in our labels we’re really just a fraction of who we can be. We are only ever recognized as those labels even though we might desire to be so much more.

So this begs the question…how do I step out of my labels and live with passion?

Let me ask you: Do you actually want to be alive and living the life you’ve built just as it is?

If you answer yes then that is awesome. High five for you!

If you answered no or even hesitated then I would suggest you look deeper within to identify where in your life you are unhappy. Perhaps you are still striving towards your dream job? Maybe you are searching for love? Or you have a few pounds you’d like to lose?

Regardless, in order to move forward there is a level of acceptance that needs to be acknowledged for where you’ve been able to feel successful in order to define how to solve the areas you are still building. It’s easier to grow in a state of love than in a mindset filled with hate. Also we need to begin to push past the to-do this of expectations and build in time dedicated to things we love to do.

Next would be a great time to set some goals and identify your vision for a great life worth your investment of time towards growth. This is where the real work begins as you take that huge leap forward out of your labels and into the YOU you always wanted to be.