I get a lot of questions about what I do and how I get it done. So I thought I would share a bit about what I do on the daily and a glimpse into my entrepreneurial side!

First we will detour to some of my other core roles and responsibilities!

As many of you know I’m first a full-time wife and mom. My 4-year-old daughter is the reason why I dive so deep into my own personal development. Healing my own wounds sets her up for success and gives her a womanly example to follow that I’m proud of. 

My husband is the backbone to our family.

He’s so humble he’d hardly think so. He believes in every dream I speak and creates space for me to grow. My hubby loves me with every ounce of himself and for that I’m forever learning how to do the same in return. We are an ever growing family unit and I’m so incredibly grateful for what we’ve built together. 

Most days are a full-out hustle.

Dreams don’t materialize over night. While most of my images on Instagram are picture perfect…I’m starting share that it’s not always that way. Life is in the details and well those details are pretty messy. (Are you following me yet?! If not check it out.)

My day usually begins at 5am…buzzzzzzzzzz. Someone please recommend a nice sounding alarm clock?! I pop out of bed usually after a minute or two where I set my intention for the day. Positivity rules in our house! 

Next I’m making breakfast and snuggling with my favourite monkey…works well as she’s up at 530am too, we get a few minutes just the two of us. 

Then it’s off to train. I love training in the morning. My energy is at its best. The gym is at its quietest. It’s a good mix. My hubby holds down the fort most mornings getting himself and our daughter out the door before he gets his sweat sesh in.

My subway rides to work are where I write most days.

I’m the girl in the pencil skirt, high bun and stilettos getting inside her head and pouring out her soul for you to read. Usually sitting next to someone listening to too-loud music and another snoring their way into the office. If you do see me on the TTC come say hi! I always love to meet you and learn more about who you are and how I can help you. 

The bulk of my day revolves around meetings and solving my clients biggest marketing and product challenges. Hello! I’m a marketing expert – the person you just love to hate. I have to admit I love what I do. I find the upside in everything I do and I work with brands who do too! 

On the way home I’m usually brainstorming. This is when I spend time writing ideas for videos and marketing myself and my brand – Inspired Diaries. Did you know I’ve been blogging for almost a year now? Wow time flies when you’re doing what you love.

We don’t have full-time help in our home and we both work full-time jobs.

Our parents help with daycare pick ups and we have a cleaning lady every other week. I love that my daughter gets one on one time with her grandparents and my favourite smell is after Aurora cleans our home. Ahhhh…I sit on the couch and relax usually for no more than a few minutes before the door swings open and my monkey runs in wanting dinner. 

After dinner we settle into bedtime routine.

Bath, story, snuggles and lights out. Which usually means I finally get to talk to my husband as we prepare for the next day. We prep our food, pack our gym and work bags and get caught up. 

Sometimes I’ll spend a bit more time writing and supporting clients or filming for my YouTube channel (have you subscribed yet?). While other nights I fall asleep pretty early. Or there’s even the odd night everything is thrown out of whack when one or both of us have an event. That’s for another post!

As an entrepreneur I’m lucky to get a solid 60 minutes dedicated to my business a day. But it’s incredible what focused time can create. 

That one hour is my creative outlet and serves women everywhere who want to know what I know. It is a precious hour and protected because there’s no wifi on our subways. Hehehe. 

It’s helped me learn that one hour can create something meaningful and substantial. That over time 1 hour spent consistently is a lot of time and can accomplish significant goals.  

I hope this has you thinking – what can I do in an hour?

The amazing thing is that you can do anything in an hour. Pick a goal, make a commitment, help a friend, read a book or spend time with your family. An hour can be carved out for yourself in a thousand different ways. You just need to discover those ways and trade off how you spend that time today. 

My trade off was TV shows. Truth be told it was hard at first. I was so used to zoning out. Now a couple of hours a week is more than enough knowing the impact that one hour a day has on me and those around me.

So…what can you do in an hour?