Do you have a highlight reel for your life? 

If you do what’s on it? Is it long? Does it fill you with joy and gratitude or does it leave you longing for experiences yet to be had? 

I have a highlight reel. It’s the place in my memory where I like to go to review my greatest life’s accomplishments. 

It’s the story of my life captured in moments. Not just any moments but the moments I’m most proud of. It’s made up of the goals I most wanted to achieve and did, the greatest lessons learned, the impactful firsts and the heartfelt one-time moments that can never be re-created. 

My highlight reel includes everything from my first kiss on a hot summers night at overnight camp, first job as a babysitter, first car that I got out of a contract I made when I was in 3rd grade, graduation from high school and university, saving a life, teaching kids to swim, living on my own as an independent woman, doing an exchange to Mexico, walking down the aisle towards my now husband, delivering our daughter after 20 hours of labour, reaching financial goals, every time I say I love you, buying a home, the relationship I’ve built with my closest family members, forgiving and mending fences with others, career milestones, doing my first professional photo shoot, launching this blog, helping others with emotional eating and Mindset, destinations travelled….the list goes on!

The options and moments are varied and coloured by personal experiences that make up the uniqueness of, well, me. 

I use this highlight reel for a lot of purposes. In times of distress I reminisce on happy times and great accomplishment to stay positive. In challenging situations I use the highlight reel to help me problem solve. When I feel defeated I scour the highlight reel to boost my energy and re-ignite my passions or find new ones. It’s a phenomenal tool to also remember the story of your life, share it with others and hear all about theirs. 

We are all unique and as individuals our goal in life is to love, learn and live out our greatest possibilities. 

It’s not about living in the past but building upon your individual past to propel you forward into your unique and incredible future filled with only possibilities you can create. 

If you find your highlight reel is lacking it’s time to dig deep and think about these 4 things:

  1. What have you always wanted to do but haven’t? 

      2. What characteristics do you want to be known for? How can you begin to cultivate those more consciously?

      3. Are you living your perfect day just about every day? 

      4. Do you embrace the mindset of ‘can and will’ while letting go of ‘try and can’t’? 

When the answers to the 4 questions above are clear to you this helps define the path forward. Your unique and incredible journey also known as your life! Don’t let decades pass while you wish and have an ever-growing list of what if’s. It’s the most tragic path and leaves anyone on that path unfulfilled. Hope you’re choosing to continue building your highlight reel and it’s as incredible as the possibilities that lay ahead of you.