Sometimes it can be challenging to have a healthy holiday when there’s so many events to attend.

This time of year is filled with holiday parties, after work drinks and celebrations of all kinds.

Over the years I’ve had different approaches to this time of year.

Everything from:

‘Woohoo it’s party time. I’ll worry about my fitness and wellness goals in the new year. For now, anything goes!’


‘Sorry I cannot attend these 3 events and I’ll only show up after dinner is served. Please can you accommodate my gluten free, dairy free, macro friendly meal plan please? See attached.’


Sure I’ll come by! I’ll bring the veggie tray. Thank you so much for the invite. 

Now there’s no wrong approach to being a holiday guest at a function but I’ll give you my two cents on the Mindset of a healthy holiday guest that you may want to consider trying on for size this year especially if you have fitness goals on the brain. 

Here’s my top 10 tips for being a healthy holiday guest:

1) If you want to be healthy bring a healthy option.
First off, bring the veggie tray, salad or dish you know you’ll eat so it can be in balance with the options being served. 

2) Don’t talk about your diet.
This is super boring and no one wants to know about the details of macros and fat loss while enjoying dessert mostly because it makes others feel bad about what they are choosing to eat. Don’t do this. 

3) Drink lots of water and…
Choose when to include alcohol strategically if at all. No one is forcing a drink down your throat. Own your decision if you choose not to enjoy an adult bevy. Plus staying hydrated will keep digestion moving after a few heavy meals. 

4) Keep training consistently.
Listen, a party here or there won’t derail all your progress. Not during the holidays or any other time of the year. Just keep most of what you do normally in tact such as getting exercise into your day. Plus a little extra dancing never hurt anyone either! 

5) Sleep.
Often we get waaayyyyy less sleep this time of year because well, parties happen at night most often. So find some down time to balance out the chaos to get some rest. 

6) Suggest a post dinner activity.
A game or walk can go a long way to make sure the evening isn’t centred solely around food. 

As we continue down the list…

7) Pull out your fancy dress.
This time of year no one can be over dressed. It’s a time to celebrate your curves and own it! 

8) Bring a non-food related hostess gift.
Some of my fave gifts are coasters, kitchen towels, fancy bathroom soaps, flowers or pretty much anything from the Indigo Home Section. Lol. 

9) Relax and have some fun.
A party is meant to socialize, celebrate and have fun. So take a deep breath, let go of all those negative thoughts and have yourself an amazing time.

10) Throw something into your slow cooker while you’re out socializing.
Most of all, having prepped and ready to go meals will keep you on track with your fitness goals. Don’t know what to make? Download a weeks worth of drool-worthy recipes FREE. You’ll be all set!

Hope you have a healthy holiday season!


P.S. Don’t forget having ready to go healthy meals are one of my key secrets to creating balance with the holiday festivities! Download your Slow Cooker Queen Recipe Guide now.