I’ll be happy when…

my body is perfect.

my job is perfect.

my relationship is perfect.

my family is perfect.

I hear these statements so often and at earlier stages of my life have also uttered those words. To have the perfect anything is to rid it of any faults or defects and to make it have all the desired components or characteristics one might want in that body, job, relationship or family.

There is nothing wrong with setting goals and striving towards greatness in any and all areas of life but to tie happiness up in the achievement of that goal or status or state of being is where most go terribly wrong. That is where we tend to get stuck in the grind of the everyday wondering when it’ll be our turn to shine.

Happiness must be found in the journey towards achieving the body, job, relationship, family and overall life desired. Happiness needs to be found in the micro movements forward not just in the macro achievements.

I challenge you to find the happiness in:

  •  the healthier food choices that improve the nourishment we receive from food.
  • the new outfit that compliments your current curves
  • the priorities you’ve shifted to incorporate a fitness routine
  • the efforts made to redo your resume and apply for your dream job
  • the books you read to improve your mind and open your heart
  • the time you allocate to dates and meaningful conversation
  • the efforts you apply to active listening of others
  • the smiles you shoot across the table to make another smile with you
  • the kisses goodnight to let others know they are safe and loved in your home
  • anything that you do because it nourishes your soul and creates happiness in a moment for you and those around you

For me I find happiness and joy in everything I do. Don’t get me wrong there are moments or activities that are part of my day that just need to be done and may not be my favorite but even there I can acknowledge that in doing that activity it brings me closer to my happiness.

An example would be grocery shopping. It’s not my favorite thing to do but in doing it I know that I’m ingesting higher quality foods and providing better options for my family. Having a fridge full allows me to experiment in the kitchen and expand my cooking skills. Eating wholesome food that I prepared brings me closer to my fitness goals. All things I can find joy and nuggets of happiness within where my broader goal is actually to become more fit in general.

Here are a few steps to help you find the happy in your everyday:

  1. Take a personal inventory of what makes you happy.
  2. Figure out how often you do those things daily, weekly or in any given month.
  3. Allow yourself to add just a few more of these elements into your day.
  4. Assess a few months after to see if your perspective shifts towards enjoying the everyday happiness just a bit more.