As we grow up we have so many ideas about what we want to become and who we will be. I know I’ve been through many stages where I would be a singer, veterinarian, maybe even a litigation lawyer.

Funny, I’m not any of those things and I’m fairly sure I would be (am) the worst singer, I would (do) only want to play with the puppies and I’d have a hard time defending those who have done serious wrong in this world.

I’m relieved actually that I swerved through so many paths. Every path is a part of my journey where I acquired skill sets that built my character, my ability and most importantly my vision. It’s a time where I learned valuable lessons about who I want to be in this world.

Don’t think my paths have been easy, straight and without curves and dead ends. I’ve encountered my fair share of bumps in the road. What is different is my perspective. Each bump, swerve, u-turn and dead end is an opportunity to learn, adjust my course and keep moving forward.

There is no giving up when you are always becoming.

There is always an opportunity ahead of you when you are always becoming.

When you are always becoming you will always be evolving into the most beautiful expression of yourself.

With only one shot in this life, in this body, in this circumstance there is only one gratifying choice – make the most of it while it’s still a choice.