I have some huge, exciting and scary as all hell projects coming up. If you’ve been reading a while you have likely gotten the gist of how I define goals. But just in case you’ve missed it, a great goal for me is defined as a one that stretches you into new territory, is time-bound, helps you acquire new skills and quite frankly scares you just enough to keep you on your toes and moving forward. Most of the time when I set a goal I really question if I can even achieve it. But as I break it down bit by bit, it becomes easier to believe and achieve. Recently I’ve come up with 4 goal hacks to make it easier to be successful and now I’m sharing them with you!

Last year, my big scary goal was to step in front of the professional lens and do my first ever photo shoot. Having caught the photo shoot bug I couldn’t wait to do it again. You can read all about my first experience here

Now with 3 photo shoots under my belt, this year I’m experimenting with the type of photography I want to capture along with location. With my master plan becoming a published fitness model and writer for a major publication. 

So to make my goal come to life I have two major photo shoots. One local with a photographer who I admire greatly. He really captures human essence in motion and have I got some images coming your way that will BLOW YOUR MIND!  

The other is in Vegas (Viva Las Vegas!) with a photographer and team I deeply respect and can’t wait to work with again. We will be capturing some fun shots and different from anything I’ve done to date! On location here I come. 

So you must be wondering…how does one prepare for a photo shoot? 

Believe it or not, I started preparing the day after my last project ended LAST summer. Not in a I-starve-myself-and-exercise-my-body-to-death kind of way…I know where your head went. Have you been reading any of my posts?!

Side bar for anyone who went off to toxic dieting land please come back –> download my FREE at home practices and let’s reprogram those beliefs together! 

Actually, I’ve been prepping for these projects in 4 key ways. Different than you ever would have guessed:

1) My Mental Game is Strong 

The day after my first photo shoot I set new goals. These goals focused on my strength, flexibility and overall physique. 

I broke my goals into small steps that I could take every day to build towards achieving my bigger, scarier goals. 

– Made sure I saw my physical therapist regularly to manage tension in my body. 

– I recruited a strength and conditioning coach to improve my form and help me build my training knowledge. 

– Added education and embraced the love I have for Eating Psychology and became a Coach myself. 

– I began to build relationships with brands and individuals who built me up and supported my goals. 

Overall I immersed myself into the industry and lifestyle of a fitness professional. Because guess what I am one! 

2) Food Flexibility Keeps me Sane

Anyone who has ever dieted before whether it’s to lose 5lbs or 100lbs knows that it’s hard. Dieting is taxing on the body and mind. 

Most eat too few calories and not enough variety. This leads a sluggish metabolism along with digestion issues and new intolerances over time. 

My strategy has been to dial-up the calories and actually eat with more flexibility. All foods are on my plan in addition to some FREE MEALS like burgers and fries even my personal fave – nachos! Every day I include peanut butter, fruit, cheese, bread, nuts, avocado even pasta with my protein sources. I even eat ice cream after I train. What a program! For more on macro counting get your guide –> Here.

The variety has helped curb cravings and keep me satiated so snacking stays to a minimum. I also practice this religiously! Check it out –>HERE.

3) Training Like a Beast to Look Like a Lady

Do not sign me up for cardio. I like to lift and boy can I lift heavy! I have learned that weight training shapes the body in ways cardio can never do. Lifting makes me feel strong and those endorphins – well I’m simply addicted. 

My advice to you – get out of your comfort zone. Learn lifting basics, understand form and tempo and go to town! Your body will thank you. If you want to learn the basics from home check this out!

4) Success by Accountability

I’m so lucky to have incredible support. From family, friends my STRONG GIRLS sisters and each and every one of YOU! 

You help keep me accountable to my goals. I get to share my struggles and triumphs. I get to bounce ideas around and you always let me know when I’ve fallen off track and when I’m kicking butt. So thank you! I hope in some small way I’m doing the same for you. 

So, are these the strategies you expected of a fitness model? Probably not. But guess what, these goal hacks work and I’ve been putting them to the test for well over a year now and have never been happier, more fulfilled and more excited about what’s in store. 

Are you still sitting there? Time for you to ask yourself: What’s your big scary goal?