It’s incredible how quickly we move through life today compared to generations past. There are so many enablers that help us do more from technology, transportation and income. All of these enablers also allow for additional responsibilities. It’s also interesting that today there are also so many more complaining of low energy and fatigue.

Energy is a force within us that is not infinite. We all need to learn how to better manage our energy so that we have enough to manage our days. It’s also important to be aware of what drains our energy (refer to my previous post).

But today I’m going to share with you how simple changes to how you manage food that will immediately begin to improve your energy levels and help you get through your day preserving more of the energy than you did before.

Here are my favourite food energy connections:

  1. Stay Hydrated = The human body is comprised of up to 60% water. As we move through our day, sweat and think our body uses some of that water and it is expelled through our pores. A key symptom of dehydration is low energy. Quick fix is to ensure you get a minimum of 2-3L of water per day.
  2. Balance Macronutrients = Most people believe that eating less will help them lose weight. While that might sound logical our bodies are far more complex and have specific needs from vitamins and minerals to macro and micro nutrients that balance our energies, moods, hormones and so much more! When we prescribe ourselves diets with no carbohydrates that is a key marco to ensuring that we feel grounded, full and balance our energy levels through out the day. I’m not recommending carb loading or eating sugar all day (as this will also crash your energy levels). I do however recommend carbs through whole foods – whole grains, brown rice, sweet potato, beets and the like.
  3. Eating Rhythm = Lastly how often you eat will impact how you feel through out the day. Scientifically known as bio-circadian nutrition, it’s working with the natural ebbs and flows of the bodies temperature to absorb nutrients from food, burn calories and support weigh loss if that is your goal. While this is not the only way to manage our food in take at bare minimum it is important for the body to intake food consistently through out the day. If it’s several hours between breakfast and dinner because lunch is skipped there is almost 100% certainty that your energy will dip and it’s very common to head for coffee or sweets that will further plummet energy levels.

When we are properly hydrated, balance the macro nutrient intake between protein, healthy fats and whole food based carbohydrates along with consistently eating our meals our energy levels become protected.

I’d encourage you to give these steps a try for a few weeks. Observe how your energy levels felt prior to implementing these changes, during and then after to understand the appropriate mix for yourself.