The only thing I’m sure of is that everything is always changing. It’s one of the constants we can count on. 

We all like to think we are nimble, adaptable and roll with the punches. But most of us aren’t. Me included. 

I for one don’t always like change. Sometimes I push back and rebel against it. I can make other people’s lives a bit difficult because of my attitude towards changes. It can take some time for me to come around, accept and move forward. 

I’m sure many of you reading can relate, even begrudgingly. 

But, as a grow wiser and gain experience (aka get older and age) I have learned a few things about change. 

1) Change and Comfort Zone. 

Change forces us to think differently and be uncomfortable. Stepping outside of my comfort zone has always brought about incredible growth and development. That’s how I started this business. Then why I committed to every photo shoot I’ve done. It’s how I’ve grown in my career and how you can grow too. 

2) Change and Negativity. 

When my schedule changes, a job changes, new clients come on board or I move there’s usually a great opportunity to clear negativity out. There’s a cleansing process that comes with changes big and small and it’s our responsibility to identify them and use them to the fullest to bring about amazing outcomes. 

3) Change and Perspective

Change usually comes about because of new information, opportunities or people. Whenever there is newness I love to allow that to expand my perspective and opinions on various topics. It’s a great way to become wiser and more knowledgeable about the world around us. If you feel stuck – Check this out!

There are times I’d like to punch Change in the face because it’s usually inconvenient and not always the path I wanted to take. 

But in the end when I look through the lense of clearing negativity, stepping into a growth phase and learning something new, I guess I can get behind changes big or small. 

The question is, can you?