We spend every moment of every day with ourselves. We speak to ourselves all the time. There’s a never ending stream of thoughts, feelings, messages coming at us from our own internal voice. Sometimes this voice speaks from love but for many of us it speaks from a much darker place.

The darker place is one of self-loathing and criticism. It’s a voice that sees every imperfection and reiterates every hurtful message you’ve ever been told or thought about yourself. So many of us walk around with those thoughts streaming while we are attempting to go about our days at work, school or home.

These thoughts are toxic and likely would never be said aloud to anyone ever. So why does it feel ok to accept that darker voice and allow it to perpetuate negativity and self-loathing? Believing these negative thoughts only leads us to set a lower bar for others to treat us the way we treat ourselves.

When will it be enough?

Personally the last year I have been working through addressing this very monologue I had been feeding myself since I was 13 years old. Discovering that I actually sabotaged much of my own success because I didn’t think I was worthy of achieving greatness whether it be in my career, in love or with other goals I might have had.

So I worked to develop more positive self talk. I pushed myself to take risks. There were times that I needed to rely on the belief others held in me to continue forward.

It’s amazing what can happen when you quiet that darker voice.

Try it – once, twice, for a week, a month then forever.