Energy suckers waste our most precious commodity and we don’t even realize what they are. Day in day out we go about our lives and schedules and most of us feel drained, tired and low energy. There are things about our lives that drive us to have less energy such as poor eating habits or poor quality sleep and if adjusted we immediately feel a boost.

I’ve rounded up 15 energy suckers for you!

That same boost can be had from these 15 energy suckers when managed well actually help us recover our energy and boost our energy through out the day.

  1. Taking on too much and as a result not doing anything well.

    Think about how to give yourself permission to take more time to complete activities and perhaps re-prioritize your focus areas to what is truly important to you.

  2. Doing it all alone and believing no one can do it as well as you.

    Start delegating and sharing responsibilities. Martyrdom and Superhero’ism sounds sexy but is an energy sucker. Accept help its undoubtedly all around you.

  3. Holding a grudge against someone.

    Living and breathing negative energy will alway require the use of MORE energy than that of a positive mind-set. Find a way to let go of your grudges. They don’t serve you and cause exhaustion.

  4. Living in our head results in isolation of self.

    It halts our ability to connect with others resulting in an inability to refill our energy from socializing with those we love.

  5. Negative self talk is one of the most toxic and pervasive behaviours in our society today.

    Negative thinking requires double even triple the amount of energy to keep ourselves going than positive thinking does.

  6. Lying drains energy because once again its a negative behaviour but also the energy it takes to continue to live up to the lies that were told is challenging.

    Pretending to be someone else or continuing to cover up the truth drains our energy right from the core.

  7. Approaching the world with an automatic ‘NO’.

    There are people who¬†the first word out of their mouth when asked a question is ‘no’. Even when that person responds positively the first word response is no. In this instance become aware of responses…what is the go to response you use before you’ve fully thought through the request.

  8. Talking too much or over sharing.

    Talking requires a lot of energy and it’s prudent to consider if there is enough balance with listening. Listening can replenish energy when there is a balance with sharing information with others.

  9. Obsession with technology and screen time.

    Many studies are being released today about impacts to energy and ability to have quality sleep by reducing screen time on our devices.

  10. Trying to change someone.

    Changing others is practically impossible and will always take more energy than working on self-development and accepting others for who they are, as they are.

  11. Body hate is a source of energy drain.

    These thought patterns rob us of our potential as beings since we are stuck in thoughts that do not take forward in life.

  12. Inability to plan.

    Those that fly by the seat of their pants at all times, forgetting keys, leaving things behind, unsure of schedules all drain energy and leave us wasting our energy on figuring out our next step. Implementing organizing tactics will help recover energy in this area.

  13. indecisiveness will inevitably drain energy.

    For those that sit on the fence, constantly go back and forth between moving forward and stagnation always requires more energy than necessary. Solve here is to make a decision and work through moving forward.

  14. Complaining also drains energy and focuses on the negatives about life or a given situation.

    Complaining is expressing the opposite of a hidden desire. Dig deep into your own desires to uncover what is truly desired instead of focusing on the negative and expressing that outward.

  15. When our home and work space is messy that is a reflection of our internal head space.

    When the outside is messy our insides are likely messy. Spring is around the corner take time to clean house and take a moment to see if your energy is boosted by living and working in a clean space.

When I personally began to address body hate and complaining in particular it truly helped me refocus the energy I was wasting on negativity and repurpose it towards more productive areas of my life. Just so happens to be the areas I was also complaining about.

Take a look at these top 15 and how a few of them or many might be draining your energy from living the life you actually want.