Imagine yourself like a bank account. A space where transactions happen. Some fill you up and others deplete you. Some are expected. Others are a surprise and not always the good kind. 

Now imagine instead of money, like a regular bank account, imagine we are using actions and words as our currency. 

The positive fill us up while the negative deplete us. The kind and generous add to our emotional bank account and the abusive or stressful detract. 

But we don’t have control over the actions and words of others. So how do we find enough positivity from others to fill our emotional bank account? 

I like to live in a way that will fill up others and in return my emotional bank account gets filled too. 

I am selective in who receives my emotional deposits. By making these choices wisely, they become reciprocal and bigger than ever imagined. 

One of my favourite books – The Go-Giver, runs off this awesome concept too. 

Here are my favourite 13 ways to give emotional currency and fill the emotional bank account of those around me. 

Some of these are crazy easy too!

1) Have a Mindset that giving to others is more important than expecting something in return. 

2) Set goals that solve a problem in our society in balance with self-growth. 

3) Support a worthy cause with your time and energy – not just financially. 

4) Have integrity and follow through on your word so people will give their trust.

5) Find ways – small and large – to support the goals of those we love most by cheering them on or being a listening ear when they struggle. 

6) Give genuine compliments that are behaviour based not solely on looks. 

7) Proactively offer to help a friend. 

8) Give directions to those asking. 

9) Hold open a door for someone else. 

10) Call a friend when you haven’t heard from them in a while. They might need you and not know how to ask for help. 

11) Ask people questions about themselves and their goals. 

12) Smile when you walk down the street – you never know whose day you might be changing. 

13) Connect people you know who can help achieve a collective goal whether it be for a job, love, friendship or another goal. 

Go ahead – Challenge yourself to live your greatest life by giving. 

We set the standard for the quality of people around us when we invest in ourselves. Set your bar high and your deposits will always be bigger than you thought. 

Pretty simple concept, right? 

Time to give it a try. 


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