The universal setback to greatness…doubt.


Photographed by Celine Saki and MUH by Cherry Villanos


It’s the terrorist that attacks the belief within. It’s the abuser that breaks down confidence in the ability to achieve. It’s the demon that infiltrates the personal monologue streaming within ones self.


Creeps in just as success begins to take hold. For those not used to succeeding the internal battle begins. Debates – Can I? Should I? Maybe I won’t…


Plays a role in every decision made. It’s very rare to fearlessly bound forward towards the goals, ambitions and desires that create the ultimate vision for a life worth living and ambitious goal setting.


Masquerading as excuses, reasons, fear, self-sabotage, procrastination. Name it and there’s likely some doubt sprinkled over that reason for not making progress.


When will I move beyond this inferior feeling? These worthless thoughts only there to reinforce the bullies of my past, the negative sources of support in my life, and the fear I have to truly be successful at what I desire.


It seems so simple. Choose the path that leads to success. Do the actions required to achieve that goal. Be present enough to recognize doubt entering that decision making process.

I want to say that I will always choose, do and be but what I can commit is to practice until it’s habit.


About the Author:

As an Eating Psychology Coach helping women fall in love with their bodies, build confidence and improve their relationship with food.

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