There is this saying…dance like no one is watching. Which has got me thinking a lot these last few weeks.

Why do we need to convince ourselves no one is watching in order to dance and groove to our favorite beat? This brought up a lot more questions for me:

Why don’t we want to dance like EVERYONE is watching?

Why wouldn’t we want to dance just because the feeling took us over for a moment?

Don’t we want to feel so good in our skin that it wouldn’t matter who is around us just that the beat got us grooving to our favorite song?

Why aren’t most of us able to feel so connected to our bodies that movement such as dancing feels natural and (gasp?!) pleasurable?

Lastly, why can’t we just be present and enjoy a moment without thinking we are being judged by ourselves or those around us?

For a long time you wouldn’t catch me dancing in a room full of people or even all by myself to my favorite song. I just wouldn’t move that way in my body nor would I want other people to see me moving that way. So I would confine myself to a small side shuffle and some shoulder shimmy and decided this was dancing.

Logically I know my little shuffle was not real dancing it was a shadow of how dancing might look and feel. It all had to do with the fact that I wasn’t confident in myself. I didn’t believe I looked as good or moved as well and this led me to enjoy the present moments less than I could have.

I lost so many moments to being afraid of what others might think of me. I wasted so much time imprisoning myself and punishing myself for not living up to a standard that I thought I should.

In taking time to strengthen my own sense of self and throwing away the ideals of others that I could truly step into owning my body, my mind, my heart and ultimately my life. Taking responsibility and ownership over the direction my life goes keeps my alignment towards happiness, health, love, success and growth.

Now when I think of dancing I often want to bust out into dance in the middle of the gym floor or as I cross the street during my walks outside. There are times I burst into song because I not longer give a Sh*t about what others think of me or what I do.

My advice: Be the DJ of your life. Spin the best songs. Create the most memorable mixes. Move like everyone’s watching and you just can’t help yourself. Most of all move because you live in the present instead of living for a moment that may never come.