Body Image: What I learned from living in 7 different bodies. Visit for more.

Our shape changes based on our life stage and lessons we’re meant to learn. The body is a magical thing, growing, changing and shape shifting to match our goals and desires. Sometimes uncooperative but always doing its best to support us. This shapes our body image.

Everything influences how we perceive our body and ultimately how we treat it in return.

I realized I’ve lived in several bodies so far. And pretty sure I’ll live in several more. Not sure what I mean? 

I’m talking about the evolution of our physical body. How it looks. The way it supported our life at the time. The many experiences had between mind and body. All the lessons we gained from it, perhaps even the lessons that keep repeating waiting to be learned as we shape shift. 

My first body was my Child Body.

The one that learned how to walk, run, sleep and eat on my own. The one that got sooo many firsts. It got messy. From sand between its toes to spaghetti in its hair. Life was an adventure. Even the most boring moments were made exploratory and fun. Everyone thought I was cute and cuddly. There were no insecurities because there was no judgement about a child body. 

Then I grew. My Teen Body.

The one that was way more mature than my mind. That looked like a woman but did not have the experience of one. This body was judged harshly by me and all my peers. Constant scrutiny and loathing. 

That body took an emotional beating. I’m so sorry for that stage and I carry the harm of this self-judgement  as a serious lesson so many years later. 

My Swimmer body was strong and fast.

It reacted with agility and kept pace with all the others. That body protected other swimmers and saved a couple lives too. I’m grateful for the athletic lessons from this body as it pushes the boundaries of what it means to constantly Best yourself. 

Then I became a university student and a chubby body emerged.

I was living on my own for the first time. All decisions were mine and I experimented with my lifestyle, not always making smart choices. This body gave me empathy for others and a clear understanding of how I don’t want to feel. 

Oh my Pregnant Body.

I was so afraid of this body. So many mama’s to be and current mama’s would relate. Every day I felt changes of my growing baby. While my pregnancy side effects were few I was extremely tired… practically narcoleptic. I’d sleep at least 12-14 hours a day. Even napping during my lunch at work. But I was happy most of my pregnancy. Excited to meet this little person my hubby and I created. 

This body was magical. I was impressed by all my body could withstand and do. But I was also afraid that I wouldn’t ever be what I once was. 

Post deliver Body and Post-natal body.

I’ve accepted that forever more I’m post-natal. At first it was hard to accept. Lumps and bumps where there weren’t before. Changing skin, hair and nails that I didn’t like. I new body that while different I knew I’d have to accept.

Over time I became close to this body. It made our family. This body taught me to appreciate what it can do not just how it looks. I rediscovered my strength and determination. I’m falling in love with it for the first time ever despite how it looks. This is uncomfortable, scary but for some reason I know it’s going to be worth it. 

My current Body we can call Fit Mom.

This is the body that gets all the love and adoration. It’s the body that reaps all the lessons from all the previous bodies. My mind and thus body are as close to 1 being as we’ve ever been before. 

I can tell you it’s a wonderful, beautiful, place to be. Filled with possibilities, growth and constant evolution. Everything I set my mind to, my body is in sync. We are no longer fighting one another. There’s harmony at last. 

I plan on taking this lesson into my next body…the one that begins to age in a way I’m less comfortable with. 

There’s no magic number of ideal bodies or  states of mind but there is a goal for us all to achieve this unity between mind and body. 

I urge you to spend some time understanding the bodies you’ve had along with their lessons. Always moving towards the goal of unity between them. Once you’re there life is so much more peaceful inside. That the outside things are that much easier to navigate. 

If you struggle here I’d love to help. Feel free to connect regarding 1:1 coaching opportunities


PS it’s never too late to start this connecting process for your Body Image. Start with identifying all your bodies and what you learned from each one.