I like to believe that we are all here to do, be or create something greater than how we began this life. There’s either lessons or truths we are all meant to discover about ourselves to help us along this path. Everything that we encouter is an opportunity to come into our power as a person and fulfill the greatness we have inside of us.

I was lucky enough to come accross the work of the late James Hillman a well known psychologist, scholar and author of over 20 books inlcuding The Souls Code who’s teachings rang true for me. He offers a beautiful theory on who we are, what we are meant to be and how we find our way through life called – The Acorn Theory summarized below.

Every acorn has within it the blueprint for a mighty and majestic oak tree. But in order for this tiny nut to reach it’s full potential, it needs to drop down into the dark. Into the soil. Into the muck. And then it needs to move through all of that with great effort, and burst into the light. Well, you and I are that tiny little acorn.

Inside of us is the blueprint for a mighty oak – an amazing human with special gifts, with a unique expression, and with a special mission in this world. But we often need the muck of life, the fertilizer – the challenges, the hardships, the hurts, the setbacks, the awful upbringing – to reach our fullest potential.

Often as I was growing up I remember wondering why something was happening to me. How is possible that bad things continue to surround me as I’m attempting to grow and figure myself out. Little did I realize their purpose in shaping me.

Now I look back with the lense of the Acorn Theory and have a clearer understanding that the challenges I endured also helped shape who I am today. As a progressively more enlightened person I can appreciate that I needed some ‘muck’ to help shape my character and guide me to unlocking the first bits of my blueprint for greatness.

Today I spend a lot of my time on the lessons of life that I need to take to heart from the challenges I endured. Lessons such as forgiveness, stepping into my femininity and slowing down to appreciate the life I’m building.

This is not easy work but it’s the work worth doing.

The results of this work is coming into my ultimate expression as a person in this life. It’s demonstrating to my daughter on a daily basis that we can be anything we want to be and that anything is truly possible regardless of your circustance. That it’s your attitude towards a challenge that’s more important than your wallet. It’s your work ethic towards a goal that will land you that happy moment. It’s your persistence directed towards an outcome that will get you there every time, perhaps not within your anticipated timelines but you WILL get there.

So…you’ve got that Acorn inside you. Its been covered in muck for years, perhaps decades. Don’t you think it’s time to show it some light?

Who are you going to be next?