I was lucky enough to be 1 of 25 women who attended a women in business Rotman School of Management executive course on emerging leadership at the University of Toronto.

It was an amazing experience. I met incredible women. Felt empowered by new information to continue being a change agent at work and so much more. Why am I sharing this? Because there are SO many similarities with being a successful, strategic woman in business as there is living the STRONG GIRLS lifestyle and working towards fitness goals.

So I thought I would share a few of my favourite nuggets:

1) Being strategic is really all about being aware of your choices and understanding the impact of those choices. Kind of similar when you think about food choices, lifestyle changes and creating time to train. The better your choices the better your results.

2) There are many paths leading to success. Sometimes the economy or our customers throw us a curve ball and we need to adjust the plan or adjust expectations. As STRONG GIRLS we are all lucky enough to have the customized path drawn out for us (by our amazing coaches!). But LIFE happens. So sometimes we are veered off course into bumpy terrain, slowing us down but teaching us valuable lessons along the way. All the while we are achieving SOMETHING ranging from NSV’s, cooking skills, influencing family and friends to improve their health, compliments, improved mood, glowing skin, new muscles, increased strength, looser clothing and my personal favourite an improved relationship with food.

3) Lead by example. Whether you are responsible for team culture or are a player within the team your behaviour impacts everyone on that team. Morale is incredibly important to sustained momentum and feeling a sense of accomplishment. Similar to the STRONG GIRLS private page. We lift one another up and support each other regardless of whether we are a coach or on day 1 of our plan. This is an important forum where we share and as a result we feel motivated and excited to keep going.

4) Women play an important role in evolving the way business is conducted. We are breaking the glass ceiling every day and more of us are in senior roles than ever before. How did this happen? From ongoing mentorship, extending your network and setting goals. As STRONG GIRLS we are constantly setting PR’s, we are in parts of the gym where previously only men went, we do photo shoots to spread the word and remind ourselves of milestones achieved and all the while support one another instead of compete. It’s a beautiful thing to watch unfold.

5) Believe in yourself. Having confidence and exuding that from how you behave, the way you carry yourself, how you speak and even how you dress. As STRONG GIRLS we correct our posture through proper form and training support, replace our wardrobes as we reshape our bodies, we get excited about new training gear because we feel so badass walking around the gym and as a result we gain more confidence and that shines through in everything we do, every day , all the time. But even if you don’t FEEL that way just yet, remind yourself your taking the steps to get there which will help to actually get you there.

So…whether you are heading to the office or the gym (or both today) here’s some food for thought.