Have you ever sat back to think about why you are here? What are you supposed to do with seventy or eighty odd years we have on this earth? Could it be that we are all just supposed to wander through our days, sleep away our nights never really discovering what it takes to make our hearts sing.

I have a bit of a different opinion.

For me, I am my biggest project. Everything I do is in an effort to discover, build and live the life most exciting for me and those I love most. In the last few years I have felt an awakening I can hardly describe – but will try only so that I can inspire you along your own journey.

At first it all felt so overwhelming. How do I get myself from ‘Here’ to ‘There’? What does it take? Am I willing to do that? What will I get out of making those changes? Will those around me still be there for me?

An example – a few years ago I enrolled the help of an amazing coach to educate me and guide me through the process of rebuilding my lifestyle beginning with nutrition and weight training. While this was a big change for me, many around me began to exhibit negative reactions to my newfound lifestyle.

The more successful I got in my progress towards a fit body, clear mind and enlightened manner around food the more uncomfortable others got around me.

What the…this felt backwards!! People should feel excited for me but they didn’t at first. I encountered a lot of resistance around my choices and even had some attempt to sabotage me.

Here’s what I realized. While all those people love me and actually do support my efforts, my positive changes happen to highlight for them areas of insecurity that make them feel uncomfortable when confronted. For some it was too much and our relationship changed a bit. For others it acted as a motivator for them to make positive changes. For me – the best part was that my circle of influence broadened and I got to meet even more like-minded people to keep me inspired on my most difficult days.

When the latter begins to take effect that is when you start to look at other areas of your life to apply the same or similar approach. After going through this process a few times now I’m excited to wake up in the morning. I’m excited about work, my family and all the exciting projects moving forward simultaneously and at their own pace.

What I realized is – the most exciting, the longest and biggest project I’ll ever work on…is me.