I know what you’re thinking. All these before and after pictures are either fake or trying to sell me something. 

Well mine are legit. You should know by now that I’m a truth teller not a lie seller. There might be a few differences like my hair is done and I’m smiling instead of completely embarrassed to be having my picture taken half naked.

I do have 1 secret about my after pictures though. Here it is…I’m exactly the same weight in all 3 of them but they are about a year apart from one another. 

Yup that’s right. My weight hasn’t changed in 3 years but my body certainly has. 

Let me interrupt your natural thoughts right there before we go any further:

❌ I did not lose and gain the same weight each year. 

❌ I did not do hours of relentless cardio.  

❌ I did not eat fish and asparagus every day. 

❌ I did not take fat burners or diet pills. 

❌ I did not have plastic surgery.

❌ I did not stay home like a hermit. 

In fact I did the exact opposite. My weight maintained within a few pounds all year round with consistent training, flexible eating, enjoying celebrations, travelling and in general loving my body from the inside out. 

I know, I know. It sounds counter intuitive to everything you’ve ever been told about the fitness industry and how you lose weight and other before and after stories you might have heard.

But it’s true. 

I’m living proof that consistently living a positive lifestyle yields lasting results. You can have your cake and eat it too! (Just not every day people!) 

So because you’ve been asking I’ve rounded up my favourite tools just for you and explained them below! 



My love of food is massive. I love dining out, enjoying flavours of different cuisine. Trying new hot spots. Always having dessert and throw in a glass of wine while we’re at it. 

Let’s face it I can’t eat like that every day. It’s expensive. It’s heavy to digest. Plus it’ll lose the sparkle if not in balance with my personal principles around mostly whole food based eating. 

I have several go-to recipes from my fave cookbook. This type of balance allows me to monitor how I feel and when I may want to dial back the take out. 

Get your copy here. 


I love movement of any kind. I’m a firm believer we should all find our ‘thing’ that gets us moving and grooving. One of mine is weight training. 

I just feel so strong, so badass, so fierce. It’s always me vs me. Measuring my progress by strength and what I see in the mirror. I love the discipline I get from consistently  gifting myself the time to train. 

But I also like rest and times for vacation. It doesn’t mean I’ll become a couch potato. I still like to move. So I keep a copy of this handy for a quick 20 min workout that is impossible to get in the way of my poolside reading, napping and tan flipping schedule. 


It’s safe to say this self-love thing is here to stay. This is a movement and quite frankly a revolution is brewing. It’s a time to turn inward to love outward. 

This movement to love yourself unconditionally helped me learn how to reprogram emotional eating towards more positive outlets. Ones that serve my goals and lifestyle. Ones that help me grow and give more of myself. To be honest it’s one of the most impactful contributors to my before and after.

I know there’s this shameful feeling about admitting our emotional eating behaviours to ourselves and others. I’ve been there but I’ve grown past it. I’m so excited to help others get to where I am too. I’ve developed this guide to help you manage emotional eating moments 👉🏼 download it for FREE

So those are the majors when it comes to my personal journey and when you look at my before and after. I might not look the same but I certainly weigh the same. In fact it’s my insides that have changed the most. I’m more me today than I ever have been before.

Do you care about my weight? Because I don’t. I let the weight of the scale go a long time ago and so should you. But that’s another story. One you can read all about HERE