Most people don’t know these 3 simple weight loss secrets that will help you lose weight and have a flatter belly. I’m ready to share them with YOU! They are so simple you might not even believe me.

But I dare you to try them out and see for yourself. 

1) Sit up straight! 

Do you sit up straight or hunch over your food? Good posture while eating allows your food to move through you in a more streamlined way. When we hunch over our food we create a zig zag path for our food to follow. A lot of our food can get stuck at various points attempting digestion. This can cause:

– heart burn

– acid reflux

– indigestion

– stomach pain

– gas 

– bloating 

Sitting at the table with shoulders square and upright gives our food a straight path to our stomach and an easier digestion flow. Often this simple change reduces gas and bloating the same day. 

2) Slow it down. 

Question for you: Would you rate yourself as a slow, moderate or fast eater? Most of us are fast eaters whether we admit it or not. We move through life so quickly and our meals are no exception. Many of us eat running out the door. We eat while driving. Some even eat while working and checking email. It’s crazy! Next time you eat do just that. 

Sit down and block 10 minutes dedicated to just eating. Scientifically you will move from being in a state of stress to a state of relaxation. 

Note to self: food does not digest well when we are stressed because our bodies are focused on saving ourselves from the lion supposedly chasing us! When we relax our body is ready to accept the food we are eating. 

3) Enjoy every bite. 

Sounds too simple to be true eh? For this one I have pulled together a step by step guide just for you! Give it a try by downloading it FREE

In combination these 3 weight loss secrets will help you reduce the bloat, lose weight and feel better about yourself and food overall in combination with what you are already eating. 


P.S. Don’t forget to download the FREE step by step guide! Trust me this gold!