This is my favourite time of year. Not only is it summer time but it’s STRAWBERRY SEASON and picking them is one of my favourite family friendly summer activities!

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love strawberries. Their sweet flavour. The way the juice explodes in your mouth. This fruit screams summer and hot and happy days. I just love em! 

Since my daughter was born we have made an effort to venture to the farm several times throughout the season. 

As a family we feel it’s important to remind ourselves that whole food comes from the ground. That it is picked by hand. That it’s best flavour is moments after being picked. 

Not to mention it’s always a blast trying to figure out what to do with all those strawberries. Some get frozen and used later. There’s a bunch that are made into jam. Hand full’s are eaten on the way home while the rest are packaged up and given as gifts to those we love. 

It’s also a great day out together. We bring a picnic lunch and most local farms also have parks and play areas for kids! 

As a mom I’m always looking for fun, active and even educational opportunities for family time. Here’s my top 10 family friendly summer activities. They are a must do!

1) As mentioned heading to the farm for some hand-picked fruits and veggies – berries in the summer, apples in the fall and root veggies through out as examples. 

2) Playing sports – soccer, baseball, frisbee, basket ball, volleyball, golf or just tossing a ball around as a family. Getting our competitive spirit out for a few hours is always fun. Not to mention your kids love to play with you and this is a great time for us to make some memories.  

3) Tag around the house or park. Rain or shine this one is a staple in our house. 

4) Signing up for a family cooking class. Our little one has been helping in the kitchen since she was two. Spicing food, stirring a pot, making burger patties or meatballs even selecting veggies to add to the salad. As they get older they can take on more kitchen helper duties. More on how we manage food at home with kids found HERE.

5) Grocery shopping together. Wait…don’t let me lose you here. While this is a chore for most adults kids really do love the colours, smells and variety of foods available if you point it out to them. Plus it’s nice and cold in there. So if timed just right it’s a refreshing outing.

6) Our monkey loves the water. So splash pads and pools are a weekend staple in our home. Bonus – after a few hours kids are so tired they sleep extra well that night! Time for parents to party! Aka get an extra hour of sleep and pass out before the movie ends. 

Like those family friendly summer activities? Here’s the rest of the list!

7) Going to the local zoo. This is filled with walking and learning about animals. Not to mention most zoos have picnic, park and water areas to fuel up and cool down after all that sight-seeing. Our fave stops are always giraffes, lions and butterflies. 

8) Discover the trails and parks in your city! Toronto is actually a very green city. With bike trails and parks woven throughout the downtown core there’s always a new place to get lost for a few hours. 

9) BUBBLES. I forgot until becoming a mommy how much fun bubbles are. Usually I want my own and so does my daughter. We blow bubbles and chase them afterwards. Highly encourage this one! 

10) After all these family friendly summer activities I’d say the last one is a well-earned for you and required nap for your little person. 

With so much to do and see our weekends are jam-packed from strawberry picking to any number of our favourite famjam active and educational activities above. 

Now that the rain has FINALLY subsided a bit here in Toronto – Happy Summer!