Lately I’ve been asked quite a bit for some fitness tips. So I thought I would give you my top 10 tips that helped me as I’ve gone through my fitness journey over the past few years. 

Let me preface that I love movement and feeling strong. I’ve always been an athlete whether it be a swimmer, gymnast, lifeguard and now passionate about weight training. I just didn’t always label myself as such. It is this passion that helps me stay continue on my path forward. 

Here we go:

10) Find movement you enjoy! It’s important to love what you do because that will motivate you to be excited to move and keep at your program. If you’re nervous about hitting up a gym or not sure where to start try this at home workout to get you started. 

9) Set your goals. It’s really important to be clear and realistic with your goals. Write them down because research shows that 80% of those who do actually achieve their goals. 

8) Shift your perspective to learning and mastering movement vs. Being the best and comparing yourself to others. Having a students point of view will always keep you encouraged rather than disappointed with your progress. 

7) Learn how to cook for yourself and nourish yourself with higher quality foods than you do today. For those than have known me a long time I used to burn water and I was the fruit platter queen at parties! Now I have a few signature dishes and I even surprise myself at how I can be creative in the kitchen. Check out one of my go-to cook books! Not to mention learn about the foods available at your local grocer, burger and farm. There’s so many reasons to support local and organic options vs. Packaged and processed foods. 

6) Stop weighing yourself. Following the numbers is as productive as watching paint dry. Not to mention your weight is simply your relationship with gravity and has no meaning to the heart of your desires which is likely fat loss and shaping your body. If you struggle here check out a previous post on this topic. 

5) Find a group of like-minded people and begin to support one another. I have been working with my Coach as part of Team Strong Girls for almost 3 years. That support has been instrumental in keeping up my positivity, celebrating successes, coaching me through injuries and stretching me beyond every possible end point to continue growing as a human being on planet earth. 

4) Cover your basics. Drink a minimum of 3 litres of water especially if you are active so that you replenish what you sweat out and hydrate at your minimum. Also look to get several hours of sleep per night so you are resting and healing your muscles. 

3) Be consistent. Fat loss and shaping the body takes time for anyone but especially women. Find ways to recognize your progress and notice details such as: improved skin, hair and nails, increased energy, loose fitting clothes, increased strength/endurance and new cooking abilities. The details are truly endless as you make progress. 

2) Work on your insides alongside the improvements you are making on the outside. Everyone has a story that has made us who we are today and influences who we are becoming. I highly encourage you to address negative self-talk and face your fears about your past. As an eating psychology coach I often help those understand how their hurts and undigested life events can be worsening their digestion and inability to lose weight they have gained. Lifting this emotional weight will help you make the physical changes more quickly. 

1) Look to help others along the way. The most impactful part of my journey is becoming an influencer of health and wellbeing among those around me and now much farther reaching thanks to all of you reading now! It’s motivating for me to see progress in others but also stretches me to figure out what’s next on my own horizon. Be a go-giver and check out this read to understand what that means and how it makes you even more successful. 

This list probably had some surprising tips for a fitness related post. However as I’ve always said – it requires much of the same skills to be successful in business as it does in fitness or any other area of your life. 

Please drop me a line as you try out the above tips. I’d love to hear which have been most impactful for you. 


P.S. Here’s a bonus tip on the benefits on slow eating! Check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel.